Welcome to TinkerDoodle Kennel!

Please check out our “Current Litters” page for pictures and more info on F1 Labradoodle pups for sale!

We are located in west central Wisconsin where lots of fresh air and wide open spaces provide a wonderful environment for breeding happy and healthy dogs! Labradoodles are the perfect breed for families, therapy dogs, hunting dogs, and any job where intelligence and a loving, cooperative nature are needed.

Where else can you get a LIFETIME DNA genetic health guarantee on your puppy? ALL our 2018 F1 pups (purebred lab mother, purebred poodle father) sell for $1000 regardless of color or gender WITH our amazing LIFETIME DNA health guarantee.

I have 2 amazing studs in our kennel. “Alf” is a tall, handsome apricot standard poodle who carries chocolate, yellow, and silver color genes. His personality and temperament are about as sweet as they come! “Billy Bob” is black and white parti -colored. He too is like a long-legged wiggly teddy bear.

I have tried to fill this site with useful information on dogs in general and Labradoodles more specifically. Feel free to explore and learn, and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I love talking about dogs and helping people to choose the right dog, or learn to breed dogs in a responsible way.

Watch our current litters page for available pups.