Why do pups cost so much?

Breeding dogs sounds simple.
You put a male with a female when the time is right, let them do their thing and then rake in the cash when the pups come. Simple, right?

First of all, you don’t breed “just any” male or female. They have to be good quality dogs that fit the standards of their breed(s). They have to be healthy, fit, and able to reproduce.
They have to have the right kind of temperament and personality because in breeding them, you’re hopefully making more like them. If they’re shy, aggressive, fearful, or psycho, there’s a good chance at least some of their offspring will be too.
So you spend time learning what to look for.
Then you spend time (and money) looking, researching, and finally buying dogs that fit the criteria.
Naturally the best dogs don’t come cheap, but are the ones you need to do it right.$$
So you buy pups and you raise them for a year or 2 hoping you’ve got the ones you need and others will want.
In the meantime you have to feed them, groom them, give them shots, heartworm preventative, worming, and regular vet care.$$
If something goes wrong, you have to afford emergency vet care. $$
You have to train them to be obedient, gentle, loving and well mannered dogs.
They must not only become part of your family and accept all your friends and family, they must trust you to be with them when they whelp. They must allow you to hold their pups, and carry away any sick pup that needs special care without wanting to take your face off. In order to accomplish this, you must spend countless hours with them.

Once they are expecting, you must be even more vigilant of them.
Their food needs increase. $$
They need a safe, warm, dry place to give birth, so you must buy, build or have one built for you. Again with the $$
They need a pen to keep the pups in and other animals out. More $$

When the pups finally arrive, you have to take them to your vet for a checkup and to have their dew claws removed on the 3rd day. $$
Mom is likely eating twice her usual amount of food right now to keep up with nursing the litter and gets beef liver to keep her own strength up. $$
The pups need to be wormed every other week and to have their 1st round of shots before they ever sell. $$
The pups need to be handled, socialized, and fed well once they start to be weaned from their mom. You spend hours and many dollars just doing what needs to be done.

You’ve spent a couple of years preparing the parents.
By the time the first one is able to be sold, you’ve invested 4 months in just this one litter.
If you got even $1 an hr, no one would be able to afford your pups.
If you break even you feel it was a success!

What was the question again?

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