“Wooo Woooooo Woooooooo!”


The pups are 17 days old today. Their eyes are open, they’re hearing the world around them, and they’re eager to respond! The shelter of their home up till now has been dark and quiet. A great place to be safe in, but once they’ve become aware; once they’ve heard life moving by; their curiosity is peaked. They feel compelled to check it out!
Now that they see the sunlight shining, they want to go toward the light!

Yesterday and today I’ve heard the pups outside for the first time. They’ve discovered their voices, and must try them out. They crawl toward the light, out of the house, across the grass, and only when they get tired from dragging their fine round bellies through the soft green grass and need to nap do they realize they’re alone. They want to cuddle in the puppy pile, but it’s not out there! So they go in circles… rooting in the cool grass for another warm body to sprawl across.

When they can’t find it, they begin to sing. “Wooo Woooooo Woooooooo!” they cry. Noses to the light, mouths in perfect little circles the “Wooo Woooooo Woooooooo!” sounds so sad I can’t resist.

I put my shoes on, trudge outside, and lovingly carry them back to their nest. On the way they roughly nudge at my neck hoping for milk. I can’t begrudge them needing a little help. While out there, I see several others wearing themselves out in the grass and decide to put them back as well.

I go back to the house; take my shoes off again; still smiling at how cute they are. Just as I start to get deep in concentration on my current project, the serenade begins again.

“Wooo Woooooo Woooooooo!” is the mournful cry. I drop what I’m doing and grab my shoes. I might as well take a soda along and take a break with them. As long as the sun is shining some one of them is going to want to go toward the light.

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