I’m a Labradoodle breeder

When I tell people I’m a labradoodle breeder I usually get one of 3 reactions.

1. They have no clue what a “Labradoode” is.
2. They know and have a friend, family member or acquaintance who has or wants one.
3. They tell me I’m corrupting purebreds by crossing 2 recognized breeds and have no business in the business.

The first group is fun, because it gives me the chance to share my excitement of these great dogs with people who have no preconcieved notion about them. Some are fascinated, some could care less, but all go away knowing more than they knew.

The second group is generally enthusiastic and tell me stories about how smart, funny, cute and well trained the dog is. I smile and nod my head, enjoying seeing others as enthusiastic about these little treasures as I am.

The third group isn’t a lot of fun, but they’re entitled to their opinion, so I let them state their position, then come home and play with my doodle dozen.

Sure I could have bred my adult dogs to purebreds, and been raising AKC pups for the same cost as I’m doing Labradoodles. But I’d also have concerns about the genetic weaknesses, inbreeding, and glut on the market that’s taken the thrill out of that possibility for me. My heart just sinks when I see how many Lab breeders are advertising in the local classifieds! I know they’re the number 1 dog in new pup registries with AKC each year, but how many get good loving life long homes? And as wonderful as standard poodles are, they have trouble finding acceptance among men because they’re concieved as “fru-fru dogs” which is not the case at all! They’ll keep up with a lab in retrieving ducks, don’t stink your truck up on the ride home and won’t shed laying in front of the fire to dry off!

So whatever your reaction, I’m proud to say “I’m a labradoodle breeder.”

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