Puppies first lesson

The pups are 3 weeks, 5 days old. They eat from a dish twice a day now and feast on their mom besides. All of them eat til they look as if they’ll burst. I’m able to feel just the hint of their milk teeth beginning to peek through, so soon the food will be less liquid and more for chewing. They’re growing round and strong, which is good… but they’re also learning their first lesson. One that will serve them well through their entire lives and help to keep them safe.
They’ve learned to associate the sound of my voice with food, so are now coming when I call them. I call them out of their house, across the porch, and a few feet into the lawn. I want to teach them that coming when called is a GOOD thing; it brings rewards and positive interaction. Little do they know it’s setting the tone for their first lesson as pets. I try to move around a bit and vary the spot they’re fed at so that they’re learning to come to me rather than to a specific spot. They have to listen for my voice and come to where I am if they want their reward. Later, when they go to their long term homes, they’ll be ready to respond eagerly when called because they’re learning it now. This is puppy kindergarten where they’re mastering their first lesson.

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