Do I want a male or a female pup?

When trying to decide which gender of pup to buy, some really over think it.
Assuming this is going to be a pet only, and will be de-sexed (for it’s health and your sanity), there really is little difference in the actual owning of the 2. Some believe a female is best because of it’s potential “motherly nature” which unless you’re one of it’s own pups and are a newborn, simply isn’t the case. Once those pregnancy hormones are used up, a female dog is no more or less affectionate than a male.
Some think a male dog is more aggressive or territorial than a female… again, if they’re neutered at a young age, this is false. Given that neither poodles nor Labs are aggressive breeds, your pup just doesn’t have it in their genes to be that way. Raised lovingly, both sexes are equally loving and safe to have around.
Some expect a female to be more gentle… not true! Some expect a male to be stronger… Nope, sorry wrong again! Some want a female so their wheels don’t get marked… neuter a male by 6 months and that problem is averted.

In my opinion, the biggest difference is that it’s less expensive to neuter a male (since it’s not as big a surgery) than it is to spay a female. The end result is the same.

So find a pup that suits you and your family, get it de-sexed, and enjoy!


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  2. Thank you!
    I love what I do and perhaps that shows through. I LOVE talking about my dogs and sharing these uniques creatures with others. Your kind comments are very nice to receive.


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