Labradoodle pictures from baby to adult

When people see a baby Labradoodle, they often think “That looks so much like a lab!” And yes, many do; and for good reason. LOL What they don’t get to see unless they’re familiar with Labradoodles is the progression from what they look like as a baby, to what they can look like as an adult dog.

Since a poodles coat, like human hair, just keeps on growing, what you see at a month or 2 months is often very different from what they will eventually look like. I will show you here what a huge change the growing coats make in these dogs. Most pups are about as cute as they’re going to get at 6- 8 weeks of age. Not so with Labradoodles! I think they just keep getting cuter as that coat grows and thickens.  Look below and I bet you’ll agree. The pups pictured are out of my own dogs… so you can get a true example of what it is I offer.

As of late I seem to be specializing in chocolate/cafe au lait litters. Leo is a good example of a pup that starts out chocolate and turns cafe au lait over time. I think it’s a very pretty color on a doodle!

At 4 weeks old with a dirty face from having just eaten his gruel.


At 4 months old playing in the snow Leo was still very dark chocolate.


At 6 months the lighter facial hair was starting to show


At 9 months Leo is showing what a gorgeous cafe au lait boy he is going to become.


Full body picture of Leo at 9 months. His coat had been clipped a bit but the color surely shows.


Sadie (cream or yellow) at 5 weeks


Sadie at 8 weeks old with her hair “fluffed”


Sadie at 4 months


Sadie at 6 months


Sadie at 12 months old!


Example of a black doodle…
Snuggles at 11 days of age


Snuggles at 3 weeks of age


Snuggles 3 months


Snuggles at 5 months of age


Snuggles at 7 months of age; she’s still working on that long Labradoodle coat; she is true black but the flash dilutes her color.


At 10 months her coat’s noticeably fuller and longer.



  1. any information on behavioral probllems?

  2. The best deterant to behavioral problems is the breeder having carefully chosen the best and “right” dogs to breed in the first place. Any time you buy a pup you should meet the parents and be sure they have the temperament and energy level you truly want your new dog to have.

    It would be wonderful if all breeders were conscious of this, but as with everything, there are good and bad breeders and it’s up to buyers to do their homework before they commit to one.

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  5. Ellen Stevens says:

    We are looking at getting a puppy in June, once school gets out, June 13th.
    We had a yellow lab and loved it. We like that labradoddles don’t shed. Is this a fact?
    Our yellow lab shed a lot.

    • Labradoodles that are fairly curly don’t shed. I have a wired haired labradoodle and they shed just a tiny bit

  6. Hi,

    It’s true that some Labradoodles do not shed. No one can truthfully guarantee that none of them will. Of a litter, some won’t shed at all, and some will shed less than half what a pure bred lab does. I’ve got 3 purebred Labs, so am familiar with how terribly they can shed. Mine are also in the house a lot, so that’s when you do really notice it.

    My f1 Labradoodle pups generally have large waves rather than the fleecy coats of a poodle. This makes them much easier to keep groomed with a brushing once a week or so to keep them looking nice. Poodles need to be brushed daily and clipped about every 6 weeks to look nice and stay de-matted.Some of the pups get the very full long coats, and some have more a lab coat with the facial hair. Some may try to tell you that you can tell on the pups which will shed, but they’re not being up front. A Labradoodle, like a poodle, will often shed its puppy coat and develop an adult coat at at around 10 – 14 months of age and sometimes the one that grows back will be shedding where the puppy coat wasn’t… and sometimes the adult coat won’t shed after the puppy coat did.

    Not trying to discourage or confuse you, but I do prefer to be honest so people who get my pups keep them and are happy with them.

    If you have more questions or would like to visit the pups and moms, please feel free to ask.


  7. – cool sitename man)))

  8. Our family LOVES LOVES LOVES our labradoodle. He is now 6 months old and is an F1B. He has a curly coat but not tight like a poodle. He didn’t shed as a puppy but is shedding now. I am not sure if it is his puppy coat or not. We live in a cold climate so I am presuming it is and his hair is suddenly growing very long. He is just adorable and has an amazing personality. He was incredibly easy to train and listens very well. I think even if he ends up shedding full time he is going to be an amazing pet!

  9. My labradoodle is now 5. We got him from a BAD breeder in Tenn. only because 5 yrs. ago, they were not as available (none in Ohio)
    He had his first hip surgery at 7 mo. second at 3 yrs. Doing great.
    He is allergic to meat and has a thyroid problem. We love him just the same. We are a therapy team and he is a life long student with k9 kollege, not because he is a slow learner, but that he gets every command by the second time. He also rings a doorbell to go out and come back in.

  10. Cindy, I’m so sorry you got a pup with so many problems; but so glad he got a loving owner who was willing to deal with it and keep him and help him in spite of it.

    Labradoodles are VERY intelligent and easily trained, so I know what you’re saying about continuing to train them.

    It’s because of pups like yours that have been bred with so many health problems that I do the DNA testing and offer the guarantees that I do. No one (and no DOG) should have to go through that kind of issues when it’s preventable.

    Thanks for visiting my site. If you’re ever in the neighborhood feel free to come visit. I LOVE to talk doodles.


  11. Your dogs are so cute. I have been breeding Labradoodles in Maryland for a while and really like your blog.

  12. Hello and thank you so much for a very interesting and important info about the labardoodles you have provided! I simply would like to share with you my story and concerns in hopes to get an honest advise.

    I am a single parent and live with my 15 yr old son. At the end of last April (2012) we suddenly lost our sweat golden retriever, Nelson, to a very aggressive type of cancer. He was” very good” at hiding all the symptoms, and when he couldn’t hide it any more, it was too late!!! Nelson died within three days,….he was 11 years old. Words could not describe the pain my son and I are going through!!!!! I literary became ill, couldn’t eat, had stomach crumps etc. I am still very depressed, keep seing Nelson in every corner of my appartment….My son was only three and a half when we got Nelson, so the two of the” boys” grew up together and developed a very strong bond.

    Now, my son is begging me to get another puppy, because he simply can not imagine life without the dog, and I feel the same……However, the thought of going through the same painfull loss of a beloved family member scares me a lot! I know that if I get another dog and it dies in 10-12 years, I will be in my early 60 and am not sure how am I going to react, it hurts sooo much! Please tell me, how do people get over such a loss?!!! What helps them to overcome this challenging times?!!!!! I have Nelson’s portrait on the wall, my son has a frame with multiple pictures in his room. Nelson was the kind of dog that comes “once – in -a life”! He had no problems, he was the sourse of joy, laughs, kisses and cuddles every day for 11 years!!!!!! So, today, I am torn between an incredible desire to experience this wonderful connection with the most beautiful creature on earth,such as dog is! More then ever do I want to smell the dog’s fur, feel those wet kisses and go for long walks…..but the thought of loosing this havenly creature again paralizes me……it’s an experience that’s very hard to go through! I stayed with Nelson until 2:00am , trying to comfort him, stroking his fur, talking to him, laying on the floor right next to him, crying endlessly, until he passed away. How do people get over it and go on to having another dog ?



    • Reggie, I am so very sorry for your loss. I have been through it myself, so know how hard it is. IF dogs have a fault, it is that they never live long enough.

      I can tell you and your son really loved Nelson. I’m sure he brought a lot of laughs, giggles, kisses and love into your lives. Had it not been for him, you would have missed out on all that. THAT is why most end up getting another dog… the house is too empty, too clean, too quiet, without a dog. Yes it’s going to hurt like the dickens when the next one passes, but without a dog you will never fill that hole in your heart again. For a true dog lover, that is not satisfactory.

      I wouldn’t rush into getting a new dog, and I would likely not get one that looks like the previous one because you will never replace Nelson, so it’s easier to see a new dog as he/she is rather than a poor imitation of Nelson if they are obviously different. My heart goes out to you, and I hope when the time comes to look for a new 4-legged family member, you will find one that is as special as Nelson.

    • Reggie,
      I’m sorry for your loss. We recently lost my ‘best dog ever’ Dakota, who was a boarder collie/springer mix that my wife rescued. He also had an aggressive form of cancer and went too quickly. He left a huge hole in our hearts, and I still miss him. We made the decision to get another puppy, but I was sure that it would never take Dakotas’ place. We got a labradoodle puppy from a good breeder.
      Maizie is a female apricot ‘doodle’ and while she is not Dakota, she is a delight.
      The best thing I’ve heard about losing a dog, my wife read to me. It goes like this,
      “Every time I lose my dog it takes a huge chunk of my heart that I can’t replace, but every time I get a new puppy, they give me a big chunk of their heart to help fill the hole. Eventually I hope my heart becomes all dog, with same the love and devotion that my dogs have given me.”
      A new puppy won’t replace the loss of your good friend, but they’ll bring some joy that you need so badly.

  13. I lost Sam last November and was so grief stricken I told my family I could not get another dog because it hurt too much. Last December a local family was offering a dog FREE TO A GOOD HOME in the local flyer. I was sure that there was only a tiny chance I’d take it home. ButI realized then that I might be able to get another dog. Well, the family had 3 children, a jack Russell and 2 cats. Both parents worked full time and they needed to part with the large dog. The large dog turned out to be a beautiful but hyper two and a half year old black Labradoodle. WE WERE TO BE HIS 4TH HOME. Did I commit?????????? Sure did. He is smart, has a good soul and wants to please. We’re still trying to get him off medication for his itchy skin condition and he is still learning that nails DO have to be clipped. In hindsight, I actually didn’t make the decision to get another dog. The dog knocked on my door. I just had to open it. Good luck.

  14. I had to put down my Sadie 4 weeks ago, and I’ve been afraid no dog will ever compare to her! She was a rescue dog, but she knew she rescued me! 🙂 Thank you Tink for your insights…This breed may be just the one for me. I hate the perfectly placed pillows on the couch, and no one forcing the bathroom door open to see what I’m doing lol, and a million other things that remind me there is a huge hole in my life that only a four-legged buddy will fill. Soon…but not yet.

  15. I came across your website accidentally and was surprised how much your dog Snuggles looks like my doodle Jessie. My Jessie is a 2nd generation doodle and as she has gotten older, white is appearing in her fur.

  16. Maria Mckay says:

    Hi, came across your website by accident, and it was great. I live in Scotland, so you can see his accidental it was. My beloved dog Buster died six months ago and I was bereft. I decided I would never get another dog’ for to go through that heartache again I too much for any of us. One day I was online shopping and this dog site kept popping up’ and I ignored it. Then I had a look a d it was Labradoodle pups for sale, and one look at this dog’s face, I was in love. I not her a month ago, she’s called Luna, and I can tell you I have my life back again, so anyone who has lost their best pal, get another best pal. They’re all different and wonderful in their own right. Thank you for your insight into this wonderful breed

  17. i love the pictures of the laberdoodles??

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