What are my puppy buyers saying about their pups?

Thought I would tell you that Lucky is the name of the most beautiful labradoodle that there is! He is great! Had a wonderful night! He is smart as a whip!!!! He fetches / and brings it back / goes outside to the potty!

He is great!! Just got back from the vet’s. He pronounced him a healthy beautiful fantastic pup! Lucky weighed 10 lbs. 2oz. He delighted everyone at the office!




  1. Hi Brenda,
    Just thought I would bring you up to date on our little Maggie. Her vet. check up was perfect and she’s wonderful! She’s had lots of company and loves to run with the grandchildren. More later.

  2. Brenda,
    Pearl went in for her check-up this morning. She weighed in at 15 lbs 11 oz. Overall she has a clean bill of health.
    She is adjusting well to our family life. She is such a sweet, loving, smart dog. The first couple of nights we had to get up around 3am to take her out, but last night she slept through the night. Fingers crossed! She is starting puppy classes next Tuesday, so she should get some new puppy playmates soon. All in all, I think she is doing just fine.
    I will send pictures in a few weeks when she gets a little bigger.

    Hope all is well in puppy land!

  3. Hi,

    The pup that my daughter and I brought home last week is doing well. My daughter named him MAX. (not sure why)
    He is all puppy–that is for sure. Our older “alpha” male bichon/cocker is having a little trouble with it, but he is warming up.

    Hope all is well with you.

  4. Hi,
    Snuggles (the puppies name) is doing great. She is quite playful and upbeat, but also a cuddle bug, hence where she got her name. She is learning new things very fast, has an excellent temperment, and is trying very hard to be-friend my other dog.

    Your main page is true, you can buy love, she can make me smile no matter how bad the day has gone.

    Thank you,

  5. Thanks everyone!
    I’m so thrilled to know that the pups are all doing well and being enjoyed.

    Jennifer, thank you for your kind compliment. It’s really fun being able to share my love of these dogs with so many.
    Tink aka Brenda

  6. Jenette and family says:

    Hello Tink!

    We absolutely love our sweet Wolfgang. (the calm black curly pup)
    He is so sweet and a perfect addition to our family. He is getting B I G!
    Hope your thanksgiving is great.
    Jenette and family

  7. Matt and Kelly says:

    Hi Brenda~
    Kramer is doing great and is adjusting well. Everyone cannot believe how good he is!
    Seasons Greetings from

    Matt and Kelly

  8. Lily is doing great, we just adore her. Everything you said about her was true – she is really a sweetheart. We will send pictures soon. She keeps trying to get close to the cats, but our other dog is protecting them from her – rather funny, she just walks away and finds someone to pet her.

    Her vet checkup went well – looks like she is in good shape.

    Thank you for your help and for a great dog.


  9. Hi Brenda,

    Lily is doing very well, she is so sweet and very social. Whatever you did to work on her socialization skills worked well. We had a party on Saturday night and she was so calm and just slept right in the middle of everyone all night – the guests were very impressed by her behavior – especially when they found out she was only 5 months old. She is really growing fast – I promise to send some photos, we have lots, I just need to get them to you which means wrestling the computer away from two teenagers!

    She was spayed last week and has done remarkably well, not licking at all, so we did not have to use the cone on her head or anything. What a relief. It has been difficult keeping her and Lucy from their wrestling, only one more week of that. The vet said she looked good and she was the hit of the office – that face is just so cute.

    I would say you are doing quite well – like we mentioned before, the
    website is really well done and I appreciated the fact that what I read was what I got – there were no surprises. I also appreciated the timely updates – nothing worse than an outdated website.

    I will be sure to recommend you – I have had lots of inquiries about where I got Lily.

    Good luck with the new dogs and the next litter.


  10. Hi Brenda,

    Sorry I haven’t written about our Maggie. She’s wonderful!!! -(into everything, just like a typical puppy!) She looks exactly like the last puppy you had – I’m glad he’s found a home. Maggie has started Puppy Kindergarten and is doing well. She’s the tallest in the class (she’s almost as tall as our yellow lab, Molly. She learns easily and loves treats!

    Maggie and Molly get along famously (though not at first). We were careful to let Molly adjust to the new member of our family.
    Next Monday, Feb. 11th, Maggie will be spayed. I hope the surgery and recovery will go well. I’m working most of my hours on Monday and Tuesday before I pick her up so I will have more time to be home with Maggie. I will send you a confirmation of her procedure once it’s over.

    Both Dave and I are very pleased with everything about Maggie and the Labradoodle breed. Even Dave has been telling people all about Maggie and Labradoodles. Since he’s a long lover of Labs, it’s nice to see him so enthusiastic about Maggie. He loves her looks and the course wavy coat.

    I’ve told numerous people about your website and show them if I’m near a computer. You’ve done an excellent job of giving people a site that explains the breed and shows what Labradoodles look like. Since I don’t know how to email a picture or use a digital camera, I’m glad your site shows so many stages of the breed.

    Have to run. I come home midday to feed and take our Maggie and Molly (Maggie always wants Molly to go out with her). Then I return to work for a couple hours. It’s a change in my schedule, but it works for the dogs and I’m finding I can start a slow cooker meal at noon and have it ready for the evening.

    Maggie has been exposed to our children’s dogs, as well as the 7
    grandchildren and everyone loves her!!! Even the 1 1/2 year old Kate is learning how to handle Maggie. Maggie has also been introduced to our cabin up north and loves it.

    I hate to admit it, but she sleeps on our bed with Molly and is great. She’ll gently come and lick our faces to let us know she’s up. She is also “kenneled” with Molly in our den (giving both a sofa and large chair to relax on). She’s also getting used to the crate as it is necessary for our traveling in the car. All in all, she’s quite spoiled, but so have been all our other dogs. She’ll continue her training at Ann Braun’s dog training facilities. I know the importance of having her trained, especially since
    she’ll be a big dog.

    Hope all the pups are happy in their homes and the owners are as excited about having them as we are. Maggie’s a beautiful, fun puppy!

    Talk to you soon.

  11. Jenette and Bradd says:


    As I write this, the sweet puppy is curled up at my feet. Wolfie is energetic, sweet natured, naughty and fun. He is huge….at least 40 pounds now and has wavey black hair (with a few white ones mixed in).
    Bradd and I were very happy with the process of buying a puppy from you. We appreciate the website and your quick response whenever we had a question. It was nice to see how much care and love you gave the dogs.
    Good luck in the future!


    Jenette and Bradd

  12. Matt & Kelly Zavada (and Kramer too) says:

    Hi Brenda~
    ‘Kramer’ is hands down the BEST PUP EVER!!! We absolutely just love him along with everyone else who meets him. He is doing wonderful. He has not chewed or destroyed anything. He knows the commands sit, lay down, shake, stay and come. He rarely even barks…..no joking, he’ll maybe actually bark 1 or 2 times each week! It’s so funny when he does. He’s absolutely loving the snow. We’re still working on the potty training and he’s getting the hang of it. He also enjoys hanging out with our friend’s golden retriever, my parent’s airedale, and my brother’s black lab. He’s a very social pup. It’s funny, how we originally wanted the other pup that was taken right before him (based on the pictures), now we couldn’t imagine having a different dog. We’re glad we got Kramer. The only thing that we would love to see on your website, is pictures of the other pups from Kramer’s litter growing up if the owners send them to you. We would love to see how Kramer’s siblings are doing. We attached a couple of recent photos of Kramer at 5 months old. Feel free to post any of his pictures if you want to. We wish we could come back for more pups when you have them, but one’s enough for now!!

    Thanks so much~
    Matt & Kelly Zavada (and Kramer too)

  13. Maggie’s a real character and we love her a lot! She seems to understand everything we say. She’s smart and fast (and a bit of a thief). She’s as tall as our yellow lab Molly and they are very close. Maggie insists Molly go outside every time she does. It’s good for Molly to have a friend; and good for Maggie too.

    Her last puppy kindergarten class is tonight. I’ll have to sign her up for the next level class – she needs to be trained so I can safely walk her once the ice and snow is gone.
    “Maggies Mom”

  14. Hi Brenda,

    Thought I would update you on Lucky! Still the best dog we have ever had! He was neutered on Monday and came through that just fine! Now we are supposed to keep him quiet!! Ha! Ha! He weighed 47 lbs. He is totally housebroken, was basically from day 1, which is unbelievable. He is super smart and learns tricks very fast! Loves to be outdoors! Of course — he sleeps with us on our bed! I will send a picture as soon as I figure out how to do it on the internet, or else I will send one by mail! He loves to ride in the car — actually likes our grandson’s carseat!!!! Kathy
    Good luck with your next litter! If you need recommendations about your labradoodles — have them call me!!!

  15. Wow… I’m just so happy that so many of you have updated me on your Tinkerdoodle pups! Thank you so much for keeping in contact and letting me know how well our babies are doing. As those of you who’ve met me have seen, I do have a strong love for my dogs… so it’s impossible to stop caring about them even after they’ve gone home with their new families. Seeing photos of them and hearing how much they’re loved is a true blessing.

    Some know that I’ve gotten one of my females from the Sept 2007 litter back. Her new owner was having problems with her landlord over the pup and naturally I wanted her back rather than to have her go to someone else. She’s a real sweetie and I’ve decided to hang onto her to see if she might just end up being a replacement for her Mother when I retire her from my breeding program. IF she tests out like I expect she will, I’ll have F1b doodles with her and my new chocolate poodle boy Chip. Right now the 2 of them are good friends and playmates.

    Please keep up the updates. I seriously appreciate them.

  16. N eastling says:

    I took a look at this sight and it is so nice to see the responsible breeding practices you are taking. There are so many people out there cross breeding animals that they should not be and it is so sad. I can’t believe the number of mixed breeds that are bred, do people not realize that it can be very dangerous? You sound and look like you are a very reputable breeder. Good luck to you and you dogs.

  17. Greetings,
    I thought I would update you on Max.

    He is a big boy. Around 65lbs now and all heart.

    Training has not been easy. Housebreaking was pretty smooth, but he is into everything. We are working with him on his walks,to not pull or jump on people and to not “counter surf” around the house. Progress is slow, but coming along.

    He is a very curious guy and good at problem solving, so hopefully the discipline part will follow.

    Take care,

  18. Kathy Peterson says:

    Hi Brenda,
    Congratulations on your new litter. If you need any references about how fantastic your Labradoodles, have them call me! I wouldn’t trade Lucky for the world! He is getting very big! I haven’t weighed him since the vet, but he is bigger than our dalmatian and our goldador. Good Luck! Love the pictures!

  19. Brenda,

    Sorry to hear about Moses. Lucky does smile, so he inherited it from his dad.


  20. Kathy,

    You made my day. What I miss most about Moses is him smiling at me. I love my other dogs dearly, but that was a trait that I found SO endearing and it was so unique to him and his babies. I’m delighted for each one that carries that. I hope the new babies will get that from him as well.
    I’d love to see new photos of Lucky when you have a chance… I’m sure he’s gorgeous and would love to be able to show him off here on the site.

    Appreciatively yours,

  21. Marcella says:

    If you remember, I am a geologist
    and I work on a drilling program–we take core samples out of the ground
    and analyze them, looking for metals that are found in ‘sulfide minerals.’
    The picture is titled ” Sulfide Sniffing Dog.” In it, I am kneeling next to
    some core examining it, and Yeti is sniffing at it. I told my boss we have
    to put him on the payroll if he’s is going to sniff out the metals for us!
    This picture and one other of Yeti actually made my company’s annual
    report, so potentially thousands of people will see pics of him!

    I work in the woods, and I plan to train him to be my field dog. We’ve been
    out a bit–he likes to stay 50-100 yards ahead to scope out the path, but
    he checks in with me, and comes right back when I call. We make such great
    partners. I love my boy so much! He is the friendliest, happiest, cuddliest dog I
    have ever met. He is so loyal–he likes to follow me from room to room, and
    never likes to be left behind. He is smart and listens well. We walk around
    town, and everyone stops to inquire about him, tell me he’s so handsome, or
    cool looking, or interesting. Cars drive by us and I can see them pointing
    and smiling. We get so much attention! He is a great runner with his long
    legs and huge feet. From the few times we’ve been to the lake, I can tell
    he will be a great swimmer. He loves all other dogs and people. He even
    loves going to the vet.

    Yeti is doing wonderfully. He is 57 lbs, tall, lanky, and has very long
    legs, like Moses.
    Thank you so much for the best dog in the world!
    He’s definitely the best decision I have ever made.


  22. Lily is great, she is very cute and well behaved. I have finally attached a photo – she is now 9 months old. She is very sweet, full of energy and really enjoys doing high speed laps around the house with Lucy who is 5 years old.

    I have been watching your website, the puppies are adorable – that little black guy still available is just precious!

    Enjoy your puppies!


  23. Matt and Kelly says:

    Hello! Kramer is doing wonderful. Before we even got Kramer, you described him as going to be ‘king-sized’ and he sure is living up to that! He’s at least 80lbs by now. Kramer just got a new ‘brother’ at the end of April. We got another dog, a Goldendoodle named ‘Newman’. He is almost 4 months old. We are very busy keeping these dogs entertained, but we love it. They get along great. We were sorry to hear about Moses. I have checked your site numerous times to see the new litters and updates. Kramer is doing great, and is truly a wonderful dog.

    Matt and Kelly

  24. Dave and Carol says:

    Hi Tink,
    Maggie is doing great! Dave wasn’t too sure he wanted another dog after our male yellow lab died a year ago last August, but he loves Maggie and says she makes him laugh. She is a wild spirited clown who never just walks or runs, but has a jaunty gate to all her movements. She has been described as a lab with a bad hair day to an Irish Wolfhound. She’s already about 4 inches taller than our yellow lab Molly, but still acts like a puppy. She greets us in the morning by plopping down on our chests and demanding to have her back scratched. She’s very affectionate with us but does not
    accept strangers well. She barks at them and refuses to get close until I have them give her a couple treats. Because of this, she is a great watchdog. She doesn’t bark at the ducks, turkeys and deer in the back yard, but sits on the loveseat and watches them with much interest. As you may have guessed, Maggie is truly a member of the family with privileges that include being on the furniture (as Molly is too).
    Maggie loves being at the lake and bounces around in the water as if she had springs on her feet. She enjoys running full tilt down the beach and in the yard. It’s definitely her favorite place.
    We love Maggie and think she’s a wonderful dog! Molly loves her too. She’s a great new member of our family.
    We’re still trying to figure out how to get the pictures of her from our camera to the computer. I’ll send pictures as soon as our son Pete helps us with the camera. From the pictures on your website, she looks like the other pups having course wavy hair. She looks like Dakota except is thinner. She always seems to be smiling even through her bangs.
    Hope all your pups are loved as much as we love Maggie.

  25. Hi Tink,

    Pearl is adorable. She is a big
    sweetheart. I will send you some updated pictures sooon.


  26. Hi Tink!

    Lucky is doing great! He is absolutely the neatest dog around! Entertains us all the time. He now weighs 48 pounds! He is a big boy! I will try to send you some pictures next week — after my son-in-law shows me how to do it!!!

    Congratulations on your new litter! I would eventually like another
    Labradoodle, however — not until we lose one of our other dogs! Three is a
    nice number!


  27. The Breyers says:

    Denali is wonderful! She slept in her crate from 9:30 – 4:15 and kept it dry. Out to potty and then back to sleep. Our oldest daughter sung her to sleep, it was adorable. She is playing all around the house with the kids this morning and has been outside exploring the yard. She is all ears when she runs in her excited puppy gallop. She has already eaten some puppy chow and taken care of business in the yard. She is getting non-stop attention and seems to be soaking up every bit of it. Thank you so much for such a beautiful, sweet puppy!

    The Breyers

  28. Hi Tink,

    Thunder is great! He traveled well in spite of the poor weather. He is almost completely house broken. He gets so much attention he is exhausted at the end of the day. He is a very cuddly, sweet, good boy. He loves to play. He has many toys. I feel like I have an infant again!! Had a good check up with the vet on Friday. He is here at my office this am. Will forward a picture when I have one.

    Thanks again for everything.


  29. Robbie Diana Taylor and of course "Rocket" says:

    Hi Tink,

    Rocket a.k.a. Cuddles traveled very well. She is already starting to pick up on potty training and is starting to learn how to take here humans on a nice walk.

    We had her checked out by our vet on Thursday and all was well.

    Rocket IS a cuddler! She seams to be nervous about getting near large bread dogs which surprised us since she came from a family with other large dogs.

    I am sure she has had a lot of stress to deal with this week. And I am sure we will all work through this to make her transition to her new family a smooth one.

    If you have any suggestions or comments that may help us feel free to offer them.

    Thank you again.

    Robbie Diana Taylor and of course “Rocket”

  30. Hi,
    Yes, things are going well. We named her Izzy and she traveled well. It was a long trip back and Izzy slept most of the way.
    I took her to the vet today and all is well. I just hope that she can get use to the kennel that we put her in at night. She doesn’t like it at all and she let’s us know about it. So I haven’t gotten much sleep but I expected that.
    It was nice to meet you and I hope all is going well with the new liter,

  31. Hi Tink 🙂

    Thank you so much for thinking of us and checking in on Finley. Everything is going well. She is truly adapting better than we thought she would (potty training etc.)
    My parents had a nightmarish ride home due to the flooding and road
    conditions (they were exhausted) Thank you for being so nice and
    understanding thru all of this.
    Finley went to the Vet the next morning (6/13) and got a great report from Dr. Hoppe.
    Hope all is well for you and the other puppies & thier families are as happy as we are.


  32. Hi Tink,

    Sorry this took so long. My son got married and my granddaughter’s birthday, both out of town events. We finally got a full weekend at home.

    Gracie (aka Snuggles) is doing just great. We really enjoy her. She’s good company for the old dog and they get along pretty well. It’s like having 2 three year olds.

    Gracie enjoys her pool to cool off in after a round of ball chasing. She also is now called “Gracie the Wonder Dog” after fending off a mother black bear and 2 cubs that were persistant in hanging around the house. They were there for about an hour and a half and Gracie would go right after the mother. I was real concerned about her but she got thru the ordeal better than me. I doubt the bear will venture into our woods any time soon.

    Hope all is well with you.


  33. Hi Brenda,

    Your new litter is just as cute as all the others! Lucky is doing great! Finally got him in the Chippewa River and he loves it! He fetched a stick for over two hours! When he fetches a stick or his tennis ball, he immediately comes back and drops it at our feet! Such a smart dog. I was wrong on his weight! He weighed 60 pounds when he was kenneled last week. Loves our grandchildren and they love him! Our grandkids are 10, 8, 7 & 6. All were at the house this past weekend — when we were on the pontoon boat and for Lucky’s first swim! He is great! One problem — he loves to jump our fence! Kathy

  34. jeannette says:

    Hello Brenda,

    Lexi is doing fantastic.

    She is a dream. No problems traveling and she never got sick. She never had an accident at my brothers either. We couldn’t believe it. She had a few when we got her to our house, but now she is going to the door by herself.

    She loves the lake. She has been swimming already. I couldn’t believe that. I thought she would be too young. She is sleeping through the night. She gets up just before 7:00 am which is pretty good I thought.

    She knows how to sit and lay down and she understands no pretty well. She is a smart dog. I have a ton of pictures. I’ll try to send a few. I am not the best at that though. I am working on it. If you want to contact me try my home e-mail. That way I will be sure to get it.

    I’ll keep in touch,

  35. Dear tink,

    I just have to say that Thunder is the best thing that could have happened to us. He is absolutely lovable, cute, sweet and smart. We love him. We can never leave him alone. He is so spoiled.


  36. Waltz family says:

    Hi Tink,
    I just thought that I’d let you know that Blue is doing great.
    He was awsome on the long ride home–no carsickness & went potty right away when we stopped for a quick break. He sleeps until 4am, then out to potty, then back to sleep again. Since I have been working long days, Anna has been in charge of Blue, and he rarely leaves her side. The staff at the vet clinic LOVED him, and can’t
    wait to see how his coat turns out. He was so relaxed at the vet, he fell asleep on the exam table. He is starting to get the hang of “sit” , but is loving to chew everything–as is to be expected. He’s had lots of people visitors, and will meet a couple of nice adult dogs this weekend. oh, and he has had no “accidents” in the house yet. WOW!!!!! I’ll send some pictures when he starts to grow a little bit (or if we get a really cute one) Thanks again for everything. A lot of people have already asked us where we got Blue, so maybe we’ll be sending future “parents” your way soon. Take care.

  37. Thank you so much! She had a great vet appt today… and is doing terrific overall.


  38. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  39. Hi Tink,

    Sadie was great on the ride home. She laid in the backseat, next to my friend most of the way. My friend said ‘she looks like she is smiling’, I just smiled and thought I know where she gets that from. She started to whine a little, I stopped for gas and took her out and she went right away. She rode quietly the rest of the way, a real pleasure. I put her in the crate about 10:00, I woke up at 6:00 and she was still sleeping. I took her out and she went again, no accidents all night. She only cried about 3 mins then laid down and fell asleep. What a nice surprise, hope that keeps up.

    She had a blast running in circles all around the backyard this morning, then napped a long time. Plays hard and sleeps hard..lol Ohh, at the gas station she saw her reflection in the glass door and started barking at herself, then went up and pawed the door.. was so funny. She really checked out my whole house.. and brought me things I forgot to puppy proof.. so cute. Whenever I saw her go running from a room I knew she had something she wasn’t supposed to have lol Thanks again for keeping her those extra weeks for me. I’ll send you pictures and updates periodically.

    Take care, Lynn

  40. Hi Tink,

    Just wanted to let you know I took Sadie in to the Vet and he said she is doing great and said the breeder really seems to know what she is doing and cares. Thought I would pass that on to you.

    The contractors may have been right about her looking bigger from Friday to Monday… she weighed 21.3 pounds today… I was guessing 15. It will be interesting to see how much bigger she gets in 4 weeks when I take her back for her rabies shot. She sure is sweet and has me laughing out loud at least a couple times a day.

    Take Care, Lynn

  41. Izzy was spayed today. She weighs 34 pounds so that means she should weigh around 78 lbs when she is full grown…
    She is a sweet girl and we all love her.
    She graduated from Puppy Training earlier this week and is a quick learner.
    Hope your new puppies are doing well.
    Take Care,

  42. The Mengels says:

    Spike is an incredible dog!!! Still LOVES a good belly rub. And you would be proud of the 8 yo…if he gets something in his mouth that he shouldn’t, she just stands over him and grabs it away from him…certainly come a long way from those first few days of being a bit afraid of him.

    He crate-trained in 4 nights, housebroken in about 2 weeks (it was more a matter of us picking up on his cues), actually now he rings a bell on the back door in case we’re not paying attention. He has not destroyed anything in the house (nobody believes us). He loves everyone and everyone loves him!!!!

    Thanks for taking care of him until he found his forever family!!!

    the Mengels of East Troy, WI

  43. Hello Tink,

    I will have to send you some updated photos of Thunder. Thunder is the most absolute sweetheart ever!!! He is so smart and so cute. We love him. He is with us pretty much 24/7 or now goes to doggy day care during the day when we cannot give him our full attention for the day. He is a delight. We had a church party at our house the other night. There were about 15 people in attendance. He was the hit of the party. I gave several people your website so you might be getting calls from some of the people regarding upcoming litters.


  44. Jeannette says:

    Hello Brenda,

    I just thought I would send you an update on Lexi with some of our latest pictures.

    She is doing just great. She got spayed at 4 1/2 months and that went fine. She is growing like a weed. I haven’t weighed her recently, but I would like to. My kids are thoroughly enjoying her. She is such a good natured dog. She loves to go on walks and she is now running with my husband. They are good companions.

    I just gave her another bath and her fur puffed out and she looks like a little fuzz ball. She doesn’t shed very much which is nice. I find a little hair in the house, but not much. I wonder how long her hair will get. Do most people have to get them clipped? I have already cut her beard and a little hair on her feet, but that is it. I am guessing I may have to trim it around her eyes eventually.

    Well, I just wanted to touch base and let you know that we are loving Lexi. I thought you might enjoy seeing her again.

    Take care,


  45. Marty and Leah says:


    Well, Max (14 months old) is a big guy—80 lbs. Smart, loyal, loves everyone, energetic, but we are still working on some behavior stuff—counter surfing, jumping on folks, etc. He gets a lot of exercise and is a fun dog to have around.


  46. Well we made it through the night!

    Leo cried only slightly off and on during the ride home. But last night was a different story. He was pissed! He wanted to be with me– which is sweet, but overall I had to keep some distance. I slept in a chair within his eyesight and keep the Christmas tree lights on so he wasn’t in the dark too much. We went out at midnight and 3:30. After the 3:30 outing I went to bed and he didn’t like not being able to see me.

    We went for two walks so far today and have no poops in the house– just a small pee or two– more to mark than anything else. Right now he is sleeping on the floor next to me.
    So Far– so good. I just wish that I could stay home with him everyday.
    I have to smile when I think back to just a day or so ago when I was afraid that he would be too laid back! He can sure hold his own– We are very happy with him.

    I am going to work tomorrow (unless the pending snow storm prevents me) and will be able to do that kind of thing better from my office computer. We are just hunkering down for today to get used to each other. This is a lot for a puppy to take in– I can see it in his eyes and reactions– so we are moving a bit slowly for a day or two.

    Thanks for everything. We are forever grateful for you.
    Stay Warm,

  47. Tink,

    We had to get her home and start feeling silly listening to each other call her “puppy,” before we could all agree on a name. Well actually, the kids just seemed to settle on that name and started calling her by that, which was fine by me, as it was one of my original favorites. So “Lucy” she is. And we’re all convinced she knows her name already…

    The first 30 minutes of the ride home were a bit rocky; she whined and cried and couldn’t seem to settle down. Both children were crying as well, feeling terribly guilty about taking her away from her parents and littermates. I’m not exaggerating, tears on Madeleine’s cheeks/Calvin tried to cover his up…. But then she settled down, and we all seemed to get “over the hump.”

    What an amazing experience. The kids can hardly believe we finally have a puppy. And not just any puppy — we’re convinced she’s pretty special.

    We’ve had a great afternoon with her. She’s investigated her new space, but mostly she’s played with the kids and slept at my husband’s feet. She’s already chasing the tennis ball and carrying it around in her mouth, quite exciting to Calvin. She’s not bringing it back yet, but they’re convinced she will. She loves her toys. And while we’ve had a couple of puddles in the kitchen, the important stuff has happened outside today.

    She’s not loving her kennel or is maybe missing her home as I type, but so far I’m hanging tough. She’ll get lots of love and attention all day tomorrow and I of course will take her outside every three hours tonight.

    Thank you for making all this possible. We’ll keep you posted and get you some photos eventually.


  48. Hi Tink,

    Sadie is doing just fine. She was spayed on Dec 3rd and keeping her quiet is impossible. Her stitches look ok to me so hopefully her bouncing around isn’t harming it. She sure doesn’t act as though she is in any pain. I had pain pills for her to give twice a day for 4 days and I never noticed any difference.. lol She goes back in on the 17th to get the stitches out, she has 5 of them. She has been pretty good about not licking them so she isn’t wearing a cone.

    She loves the snow and wants to go outside all the time. I took pictures of her playing in it on Dec 1st when we had about 5 inches. On the 3rd we got another 5 inches but that morning she went in for her surgery. My vet keeps them overnight so I didn’t pick her up until the next day. She wanted to run and play in it as soon as I got her home but I took her out on a leash so she couldn’t. She rings bells to go out and she does it about 20 times a day, just to go out to play and chase rabbits.. lol

    I think we have a lot more snow than you do. Last night the Green Bay news said 16.7 inches so far and we are getting more tonight and tomorrow. Could be 5-13 inches once it’s all done. Sadie likes it a lot more than I do. I put a post on Labradoodle.net of her in the snow with pictures, not sure if you saw it or not. Titled Pouting doodle after playing in snow (or something like that). I’ll attach a few pictures of her here so you can see her. Against the bright white snow she looks much darker than she does in here. In one she is quite wet so that made her look darker too. It was the wet, packy snow so I made snowballs and threw them for her. It’ll be nice once she is all healed up and can tear around like that again.

    Take care, Lynn

  49. Anna and Anna's Mom says:

    Hey, i am Anna and we bought Blue from you. He is the best puppy that I have ever seen! Right now Blue has a German Shepard over at our house to play with. He and her get along great!
    He has been to puppy class, and when he is older I plan to start agility.
    Thanks so much!

    Hi Tink,

    Just a quick update on Blue. He’s doing fantastic! Last Monday, he was neutered, and is completely back to his normal, goofy self. He loves everyone, but since he is already 45lbs, we have to be really careful because he still likes to charge at people full force & jump up at them full force to lick their faces. He loves to play with other dogs.
    Anyway, have a great Thanksgiving, and we hope all is well with the new litter. The Waltz Family & Blue

  50. Every day I walk the block 3x with Leo and it seems to be longer by the end of each day–
    He says ARFF!
    I read (I need to quit saying that, I know) that pups aqcuire phobias between 8-10 weeks so I have been VERY careful with Leo…. until today.

    I threw caution to the wind and gave him a bath AND ran the vacuum through the house. He survived! He showed normal signs of puppyhood and I am convinced that he is an exceptionally intelligent and stable animal. He knows his name (thank you) and pees on command. The whole house has turned in to a chew toy for him, we walk a lot (he whimpers when it is 10 degrees or less, but still walks) and he fetches anything resembling a ball and brings it back, giving it up willingly. He has mastered the flight of 14 stairs that lead to our bedrooms today w/o bribery.
    Also today I was going to make an effort to have him sit quietly to wait for his food, when I realized that he already does that! I lucked out– he is the pick of the litter! (don’t tell Dee)

    Stay warm– I will send photos soon– I did post a couple on doodleworld after we brought him home– but he is already bigger and fluffier than he was last week!
    Tell Chip and Hickory — “good job!” from me~~


  51. Hi Tink,

    So we had Lucy in today for a well-check. She did great (other than the puddle on the floor). We’re planning to give her a bath tonight.

    She sure loved the liver treats that vet kept giving her. We haven’t given her any treats yet, as I was waiting to get the go-ahead from the vet and waiting for her to adjust to her new surroundings. It appears we may have found a powerful motivator for us to use with her in the future, though! She knew right where the vet was getting them from and would have loved to have been on that counter! And now I have permission to use a treat stuffed Kong and other treats as well. (Little need for such things with mom and littermates around to always play with, but these things will help for when she must be in her kennel.

    Last night was a little better than the night before. I think she’s starting to adjust to her new surroundings.

    Hope all is going well with you, the dogs, and your family.


  52. Dee and Kevin says:

    I have a moment, while Gracie is sleeping, to let you know how she is doing. She did so well on the 3 1/2 hours drive home. She looked out the window for the first 7 minutes and then snuggled in to sleep for about 1 1/2 hours. We stopped for a potty break, she had several people admire her properly – she ate up the attention! lol Again, she looked out the window for a little while and then settled on in and slept until we were 15 minutes from home. She was greeted by my next door neighbors/friends who already claimed “puppysitting” rights. lol We then opened the door and tried to convince her to go in, she was very reluctant, and finally we picked her up and carried her in. She was unsure, sat close to me, drank water and then slowly began to investigate her new home. She played hard, ate, drank and rested. She has only had one “accident” so far. She loves all her toys, and loves to play fetch. We turned in for the night about 12:30am. I’m proud to say, she whimpered for all of 3 seconds and fell fast asleep. She slept ALL night!!! No, I’m not kidding! Not a whimper, cry, nothing! (I hope tonight goes as well) In fact, at 8:45am I opened her cage and she still didn’t want to come out! LOL I picked her up, took her outside, she peed – ran up the 6 steps, mastered last night, to the kitchen, and was then ready to play! lol What a joy to watch her!

    I have attached 2 photos – one of the drive home, fast asleep, with her little tongue just peeking out! lol I am also posting a short video of her playing with a squeeky toy. She picks it up, but barks at the squeeker. LOL Silly little girl!

    That’s all for now, enjoy the pictures and video. I’ll be on again when there’s time. I’m sooooo in love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Steve and Beckie says:

    HI Tink
    We are getting along fine with Bella. She has seen the vet and all is well. She received the vaccinations. She cried all night for the first 4 nights so we were a little distressed but has settled down well in her crate since then. Our Twiggy (cairn terrier) is a little put out about all the attention that Bella receives but she is a nice “old”dog. So far though she is not warming up to Bella’s friendly advances! We were just out for a walk, the 4th time that Bella has been on the leash. She really enjoys the walk but not the leash!
    All in all things are going well, we like the addition to our little family.

  54. Dee and Kevin says:

    Hi Tink!

    we took Gracie to the vet on Monday. She weighed 15.1 pounds and the vet said all looked good. Her next vet appointment is January 19th. We also signed her up for Puppy Class – her first day of that is January 10th. She has started her obedience “training” here at home, she will already “sit”, “down”, “shake” and “stay” – we are working on the “come”. She is VERY strong willed (takes after me? lol) and thinks that ringing her bells to go outside to pee means going outside to play – she will then do laps around the yard. She is comical though, she gives us MANY laughs. She has slept through the night since day 1. We go to bed around 12:30am and she sleeps to 10am (ish) – NOT BAD!! She also LOVES riding in the car. Yesterday was the first day she rode “solo” in the back seat WITH her “seat belt vest”. She laid down and slept so very successful!! YIPPIE!! So all is well here.

    Gracie is doing well being in her crate up to 2 1/2 hours during the day. She has never had an accident in the crate.

    I’ll talk to you soon – sorry I didn’t write this sooner!!!!

    Take care,
    Dee *

  55. Dee and Kevin says:

    Gracie went to the vet on 1-8-09 for a “sore” under her chin. Well, mama over-reacted and it was just a PIMPLE! lol I guess she is 13 weeks old and going into those teen years! lol It wasn’t a wasted visit as the vet said she could have her shots early, so she received 3 of them -included were, distemper, Hepatitis, parvovirus, leptospirosis, bordetella, parainfluenza, lyme and coronavirus. She weighed 22 lbs at 12 1/2 weeks and has definaltely gained since then. I do believe her paws are growing faster than the rest of her. Her next vet appointment is 1-30-09 for another round of vaccines, fecal exam.

    She also started puppy kindergarten (January 10th) and is a star pupil. There are 5 other pups in her class and they have “sit” mastered. Gracie has mastered – sit, (lay) down, say please, shake, and stay. We are still working on “come” – she has a stubborn streak and a mind of her own. We’ll continue to work on that.


  56. Hi Tink
    We wanted to give you another update on Bella. She is getting along great and seems to be enjoying life here. She has a very pleasing personality and is following simple commands for us. Not completely potty trained yet but getting close!
    She is really growing and is pretty thin although we are feeding her according to the vet’s directions. I think she is just pretty active.
    Her coat is a beautiful color and we always receive compliments about how pretty she is whenever we are out walking. We haven’t been out with her as much as we would like but the weather and streets here have been awful. Hopefully spring will come early this year. We did take her out snowshoeing last weekend and she loved that, she stayed right by us the whole way.
    Her coat isn’t very long yet but she is starting to grow some whiskers around her chin and she is so cute.
    All in all she has made a nice transition to our home.


  57. Dee and Kevin says:

    Hi Tink!

    I thought I’d give you an update on Gracie. She weighed 29.2 lbs (give or take a bit with all the butt wiggling) – 1 day before she turned 4 months old. The vet said she is in fantastic health, he gave her 2 thumbs up. She received the rest of her shots for the her first year of life. Now we just need to schedule her surgery to be spayed at 5 months (or so) of age.

    Gracie has learned so many things already. I posted a video showing her new “tricks” – “high five”, “crawling”, “leave it” and “take it”. She has gotten MUCH better at crawling since we took the video. It’s amazing how fast she catches on to commands. During puppy kindergarten the trainer uses Gracie as the example dog. Gracie is only too happy to help her as she gets LOTS of treats! lol She has also made fabulous progress walking on the leash. She knows to only walk on the left side of the person walking her, sits at every corner (sometimes she needs reminding), knows the “slow” command that I taught her when we approach an icy area on the sidewalk (Lord knows she could pull me already – it would be an ugly sight). She also is beginning to understand the meaning of “heel”.

    I really can’t complain too much, she is amazing and I love her with all my heart. I do believe if she continues to learn and behave so well she will succeed in becoming a Therapy dog. In any case we think she’s a perfect DOODLE!!


  58. Lucky is still doing absolutely fantastic! Best & smartest dog ever! He always insists that he has to go in the car with us — even if it is to just put the car in the garage! Lucky is the most entertaining dog we have! I would love to have a pair of labradoodles some day!!

    He is a very unique dog and very expressive with his eyes! We love him to pieces. I will send some pictures as soon as my son-in-law shows me how to do it on the internet! If not, I will do it through the mail!


  59. Dee and Kevin says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Gracie had her last puppy class today and graduated. Yup, she went first for testing and was the only one to pass each and every task with flying colors! Now we will move onto the intermediate class next month. She is one step closer to the goal of becoming a therapy dog. Yippie!


  60. Dee and Kevin says:

    Hi Tink,

    I just thought you should know that Gracie is doing so well with her training. She is now in private training and it’s working like a charm. I personally train her for 1 1/2 hours per day – that’s the serious training, and then she is also “trained” all day long – corrections, etc. The true test came the other day when we took her to the Nursing home to see mom – mom is on the vent unit. Well…my little Gracie made me a very proud mom! She was a little lady, no barking, followed commands, sat and stayed next to my mom’s bed so she could pet her, laid down and stayed for the rest of the visit, did her “tricks” for mom. When we left mom’s room Gracie was the hit of the day for many ppl. All the nurses and pts. wanted to pet her. Gracie never jumped on anyone, she sat and stayed in one spot (yes, her little butt was wriggling like crazy – it took ALL her restraint so as not to move). She also did a few tricks for them – gave a high 5, shake, and of course her “crawling” brought laughter and applause. I was asked to PROMISE to bring her back, which of course I will. It was a wonderful experience and we are soooo proud of our little girl.

    BTW, Gracie still weighs 48.2 pounds at 7 months. She is no where near the size of her brothers. I hope she climbs to at least 60 pounds. Even if she doesn’t, she is my sweet, adorable baby. She is loved by myself, my family and has now brought so much joy and smiles into the day of others. We are stepping closer to that CGC certification!!

    Thanks for being such a wonderful friend and good luck with all those pups you have now. I know the new owners will be just as thrilled with their pup as we were and are of ours.

    Take care,
    ~ Dee

  61. Thanks Dee, right back at you!
    It’s amazing in the right hands and level of devotion what these pups will/can do. I’m so thrilled to hear that Gracie is doing so well, but I know that your training and love play a major role in that as well.

    I’m so glad that Gracie’s so accepting of all the attention that’s bestowed on her. It has to make you feel good to know she’s so well received. I’m sure her cuteness is very non-threatening and draws in people who’ve never met a doodle before. It sounds like she’s a great ambassador for these precious puppies.

    As you probably know by now,I got back a 20 month old boy yesterday who is on the lean side at 84 lbs… so that’s a HUGE difference from your petite girl. Even at his size, and black in color he’s no more threatening looking than Gracie is. lol

    There’s just that spark of love and friendliness in their eyes that speaks to all.

  62. Mike and Jaci says:

    Hi Tink, All went well at Bristol’s Vet check. I need to do a stool sample yet this week but he thought she looked great. Of course all the girls in the Office loved her. She has the cutest face they’ve ever seen!! They took her picture (several) for their new baby wall. They like to compare puppy to Grown dog and see changes!

    She is doing well in her crate at night. The first night not a wimper but last nite she yipped for 10-15 minutes – at that point I thought maybe she Didn’t like the light – I was reading in bed – when I turned out the light she quieted right down. Guess I’ll have to go in and read earlier in the Evening!! She is eating well. She had one partial accident in the house (I caught her) and other than that has gone outside everytime. I get her Out a lot so I’m not sure who is trained – her or me!!! The vet said to feed her as much as she wants so I have decided to put gates up in the
    Kitchen while I’m gone in the mornings – if there is an accident it is ceramic flooring so easy to clean. I’ll have her food and water and her Crate and toys. We’ll see how that works. If the potty training goes backwards I may go back to crate while I’m gone and feed and water as Soon as I get home. We will need to play with things to see what works best for her.

    Everyone that has seen her thinks she is the cutest thing on 4 legs!! Her face and eyes are so cute! She has many admirers and friends that are Not used to the Labradoodle breed are very curious!! Don’t be surprised if you have many new people on your website!!

    Thanks again for our precious Bristol. We are all in love. Toby is still ignoring her but he seems to like the company. Some day soon we will put Them both out in the outside kennel and see how things go!! Maybe Toby will like it more if he has company. He is so spoiled and such a house Dog! We are lucky that he is so mellow and accepting of other animals.

    Take Care, Jaci

  63. Annette says:

    Hi Tink,
    Just wanted to let you know that our trip home was wonderful. Bailey whimpered a little, but then settled down for a nap. She is so sweet and mellow! When we got home she played with the boys-plus some of the neighborhood kids and had a great time. Now she’s just sniffing around and trying to get used to the place!
    We all love her!

  64. Hi Tink – just wanted you to know that we did take a stool sample today For Bristol and it was negative.

    All is well with Bristol. She gets spunkier every day. She is
    Terrorizing Toby on a regular basis now. Does well in her crate
    And is eating and drinking well. We have been lucky with the potty
    Training – so far only the start of an accident in the house. She loves The yard and seems to like being on our deck. Falls asleep under the Shade of the umbrella and table.

    Everyone that has seen her has fallen in love!!! We get questions every Day about her.

    Thanks, Jaci

  65. OMG! We are madly in love with Charlie! Hour and a half into ride home gave us some whining and stopped at rest area…he must have been holding if for the whole trip. Has been perfectly comfy here and is exploring his new home. Pictures to be posted yet today! Thank you for the happiness!

  66. Richard says:

    Kola is doing great settled right in he and Murphy are best buds. No
    accidents what a smart little dog he is a pleasure. He has helped Murphy to calm down. I wish I could get the one female with the white on her chest.

  67. Hannah got sick in the car about 15 minutes after we left, but then really perked up. She is adjusting to life in Illinois and being near the “big City” with all the noises. She sleeps in a cage at night until we get her potty trained, then she will have free roam, when we know she wont get into trouble that can hurt her. She likes to sleep in there during the day even when she doesn’t have to. When we put her in for the night, she whimpers for about 5 minutes then goes to sleep until about 630a which is really pretty good for a puppy, at least in my experience. She has a friend named Lola ( my daughters dog) who really likes to play with her and tire her out. (both of them actually)

    The process to get her was pretty painless and actually an easy one. I checked out a lot of sites and yours was the most appealing, not only for the price, but the love for the dogs that you convey.

    You don’t have to worry about her she will always be well loved by me and my husband and the rest of my family.

    Thank you for bringing some love into my life, its been way too long for me to go without a dog!


  68. Good Morning –

    The little guy rested his head on my lap the whole way home. No whining, crying, peeing or tossing cookies of any kind. He played with his brother for hours yesterday afternoon – running, wrestling & splashing in water. We watched from the deck & enjoyed the entertainment! Neither dog was on leash & did not attempt to leave us. Impressive as my mom lives on a busy pedestrian bike/walk path. Dogs, kids & lots of things on wheels going by all the time.

    Our boy looks & acts like a Tucker to us. Tucker cried for a whopping 30 seconds in his crate when it was bedtime. Jay moved the crate into our bedroom & we never heard a another peep out of him. The cats are reacting like he’s an alien with a bad smell. He just looks at them & waits for the welcome sign. This may take a while.

    We got the hang of wearing a collar & walking on leash this morning & proceeded to thoroughly charm the neighborhood. Tucker instinctively sits & greets gently. People react strongly to his beautiful coloring & face.

    Needless to say, he has us wrapped around his paw already. Feel free to check in on Tucker anytime & I will send updates as well.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  69. Hello – Tucker continues to be a delight. He had his first vet visit & passed with flying colors. They took his picture & printed it as a 5″ x 7″ to post on their bulletin board. How Hollywood!

  70. Hi Tink,

    Just a quick note to tell you how well Beckett is doing. He just had his 12 week checkup and shots and weighs 17.5 lbs. (almost double his 8 week weight!) He is still very wavy and chocolate (his coat is very similar to to the Soft-coated Wheaton Terrier I had previously, but his temperment is a million times better!). And I can’t believe how well he stays by us outside. He gets along well with all the other dogs and children in the neighborhood. Everyone loves him. Recall that my sister-in-law, Nancy, came up to your place two weeks ago and bought the last male puppy – Beck and the new puppy (Bowie?) played very well together. It took the new puppy just a bit to feel comfortable, but all was well shortly. I’m surprised at how different they look, wouldn’t even guess they were brothers, except for their temperment is very similar. I know it will be fun watching them grow up together.

    Thanks again for everything.


  71. Hi Tink –so sorry I haven’t updated on Bristol. The summer has been unbelievably busy. Our little Bristol seems to grow daily. At 12 weeks she weighed in at 19.5#. She is the

    Picture of good health. She and Toby are buddies. She does torment him sometimes, he seeks refuge where she can’t go. He goes to the basement – she hasn’t ventured down

    Those steps yet!! She watches him go and turns around and does something else. She has not destroyed anything yet. We redirect her chewing quickly. She is such a clown

    Sometimes and she makes us laugh daily! This is the 3rd week now that she and I are going on walks. I drive into town and go on the trail along the Wis River. We are up to

    1.3 miles this week. She now knows we are going when I get her leash and her car kennel!! She seems to enjoy our walks as much as I do. She is getting quite good on the leash. I decided to start this young before she gets too big!

    Wherever we go with her people always ask about her. She attracts a lot of attention. Everyone comments on her beautiful face and eyes!! We joke around that my single 29 yr old

    Nephew needs to take her out to a park somewhere – she is quite the “chick magnet”!!!!! She is very social but also very mellow. She has her times in the day when she is “full

    Of it”!! But we can have an entire houseful of people and she will go crash in one of her favorite places! We took her camping this weekend with our 3 Grandchildren and she was

    The model camper. We needed to have her on the leash but we didn’t even need to anchor it to anything a lot of the time. She loves to be outside! I’m not anxious for snow but

    I do look forward to her reaction to it!

    We will send pictures sometime soon – they are always on the camera! We’ll keep in touch.


  72. Hi there! Kona’s PERFECT! We took her to the vet yesterday and she has a clean bill of health. They agree that she will be on the bigger side!! =)

    The kids have named her Kona (a coffee reference due to her color I think). She has bonded beautifully and is lots of fun. She is
    growing on Daisy. They have done a lot of standing and staring at
    each other. Kona really wants to play and Daisy is not so sure. Its more cordial with each day however.

    Thank you! She’s a great addition to our family.


  73. Greetings,

    Max turned 2 last week and at 80lbs we think he has stopped growing. He is long and tall, and full of energy. He has a large group of dog friends, who he meets in the park every morning, and they run after each other and balls and frisbes for about an hour.

    He is a smart, loyal dog with a lot of curiousity and at times turns into an oversized lap dog.

    Sorry we missed the reunion…hopefully there will be another.


  74. Hi Tink,

    Bristol is doing great. She weighs 43.5# and seems to grow noticeably in a week’s time. Our Schwann’s man comes Every 2 weeks and he is the one that comments on her growth. Seeing her all the time it’s hard for us to judge that! She was spayed on Fri. She did not have a difficult time with the surgery – it is hard to keep her from romping Too much with Toby. I need to bring her in the office with me, shut the door and give her a rawhide to chew on!!!! She is the sweetest puppy we have ever had. Loves
    Attention, loves to go for her walks, loves to play with Toby and she is so smart. She really likes retrieving the dummy that Mike shoots from his launcher device. She is Not afraid of the gun sound. I plan to take her to a puppy class in the winter months. Too much going on this fall and I missed the start date. I am also thinking about some Agility training after the initial puppy class. She is so smart and so quick to learn things. I can’t tell you how social she is with all other animals. She just wants to be friends.

    You’d laugh if you could see her lick our black rabbit Soot!! Of course, Soot is in her kennel but she loves the attention from both dogs! It amazes everyone! She has won The hearts of everyone that meets her and they all have questions about her. There are very few people that actually know what type of dog she is!

    This past week she had her first grooming experience. She did very well. I only had her bathed and trimmed – not very short. I just wanted her to know what the groomer Was all about. He was amazed by her – she was very tolerant and did great.

    The Vet tech that was with Bristol for her pre and post op care was also amazed by her calm personality. She said when she opened the crate door Bristol just walked right In with out even being told to. Very typical Bristol for us but the Tech said she has been doing this job for many years and she can count on one hand the dogs that Have been that well behaved and calm! Again, typical Bristol for us!!

    I also should let you know that she does not shed at all!! Something that I am loving totally!!

    Can’t thank you enough for our beautiful little Bristol. It was a great experience from our first inquiring emails to picking her up and having her with us. Not your usual puppy Experience, she is so well behaved. She has never chewed anything she shouldn’t. She loves to carry socks around the house and her latest thing is she loves to grab A couple of strands out of the paper shredder!! How minor are all of those things?!!

    Let me know what you would like for documentation for her spaying and I will get it to you.

    Hope all is well.


  75. Kola is quite the dog I think his traits are more of a Poodle rather than a Lab. With his eyes and coat he is quite striking most everyone wants to know what kind of dog he is. I’m not sure how big he is going to be but he looks like an adult right now. He has a great personality great dog.

  76. Mary and Leo says:

    Dear Tink,
    This weekend it will just about a year ago that we brought Leo home.
    In this past year I have been grateful to you and your family every day for enriching our lives here with this great addition to our family.
    Leo is now approx. 85 lbs, and is still a bundle of energy.

    Waiting to bring our pup home until his 8th week was well worth the wait. This Dood is very secure in his identity and knows what he wants and how to best get it.
    He has added so much life and love to our home!
    Every moment of training, bathing, brushing, wrestling, walking and chasing him around been worth the huge amount of love he gives us in return– I wouldn’t change a thing!!
    With great appreciation,


  77. Koa is the best. Not one accident in the house. She is so happy in the snow. She just spread out her legs and slept on the way home. My son, daughter-in-law and baby came over tonight and she was the best. She is already sleeping on the sofa. She and Sadie are getting along great.
    Tonight she will be crated but she will be treated like the sweetheart that she is. If the potty training goes like it seems to be going, well what can I say.
    We are thrilled. Thanks so much for choosing this babe for us.
    She will be loved. I’m sure you could tell by Jim that he also is a true lover of dogs. She will get the best of everything we can give her. Thank You

  78. Jean and Lou says:

    Hi Tink,

    Augie is doing great and adjusting well! He has been the best and is a very calm puppy. House training is going amazingly well, only one accident so far. He is adjusting to his kennel pretty good, a little crying but that is to be expected. Our two year old grandson stopped by for a few hours….after about 1 hour Augie was glad to go to the kennel and take a nap. We will send you pictures as we get them.

    Jean & Lou

  79. Good Morning!

    It was a good night here – Mel (our decided upon name) slept pretty good in her kennel (with one of my girls laying right next to it!) and only got up once during the night! We are enjoying her completely!!

    I hope you are enjoying your quiet time!


  80. Hi tink, well we have had Lucy for a week now and we truly love her. Her little mischievious side is beginning to show. (Ha Ha) She really is a good puppy though. She almost seems human, as she gets hurt feelings when you tell her “No”. Potty training is going really well. She is very smart. We have a deck with approx. 11 steps going down and we wanted to train her to go way back at the edge of our lot. So, starting when we brought her home, we have been showing her to ring some bells on our patio door, walking her down the steps, and walking her way back to the edge of the lot. Well, yesterday she surprised us all. She rang the bells, we let her out, and she climbed down the steps and ran all the way out to where she is supposed to go and she went “potty”. She hasn’t done this every time, but WOW! she is doing really well with that. We are impressed. She really only cried one night. It was the second night here. After that, I moved her kennel into Tom’s and my room, put a worn shirt from every member of the family in with her, and she has since been sleeping 7-8 hours before she wakes up. It reminds me of having a baby in the house. So far, she has been really good about not chewing on furniture or wood. Usually, I have only had to tell her “no” once or twice and she listens. Such a good girl. Wednesday she is going to the groomers. Not really because she needs it, but just to get her used to all of it. They will probably only bathe her, blow dry her, trim her nails, clean her ears, and maybe trim hair between the pads of her feet. Our daughter has been sick since Friday and Lucy loves cuddling up to her on the couch. She really loves every member of the family. A true family pet. We are glad that we came across your website. Thanks so much. Talk to you again, Kelly

  81. The Mulroys says:

    Lucy is doing wonderful. She is adorable. Her facial hair is really growing. And at the vet two days after we brought her home she weighed 11#8oz, but we reweighed her this week and she’s close to 14 1/2 #. So, she is growing!!!! She’s been to the groomers. They adored her. She fell asleep during her blow dry!! As far as potty training, I would say she is basically trained. We bell trained her to ring the bell when she wants to go out. She has that down, except she also knows that when she rings the bell she will get to go out to play too!! She absolutely LOVES the snow!!! She has been playing a little game when she doesn’t want to come in where she won’t let you catch her (frustrating at times) but, I figured her out. If you call “come Lucy” and offer her little pieces of ham, she can’t get to you fast enough. So, she can be bribed with good food!!! She sleeps great. Put her in the kennel between 10-10:30 and she usually sleeps till 6:30. Thank you, Tink. We just love her. The Mulroys

  82. Hi-
    Just wanted to let you know that we took Eve to the vet today. It’s official- She’s perfect! The clinic was extremely impressed with the records you sent with us. They said they were very thorough, accurate, and easy to read. So once again, we thank both you and Dazy for taking such good care of our little Eve for us.
    Take care,

  83. Jennifer says:


    Hi Tink,
    Mei Mei had her Vet visit today. Just wanted to let you know that all is well. She appears to be in great health—just a little yeast infection in one ear—very minor and easily healed. She is a really nice little pup—very loving and eager to please. She’s getting the hang of it all and we start puppy classes on Aug. 24.

    Thanks for providing such special care to her—we look forward to a lifetime of happy doggie memories :~).

    All our best,

  84. Hi Tink,

    I’m home, here at Thunder Lake. Loving it! I visited the veterinarian this morning . My vitals are all fine…
    I was afraid of my dog dish, I just knew another brother, of course not a sister, was going to push me out of the way. Oh, I slept all the way to my new home on a comfy warm lap. My new parents wish I’ld do that all night. I’m keeping them busy. What
    fun! Tell my Mom that I have my very own ball. I miss her, but I’ll be brave. These people need some
    excitment. Everyone here loves me.

    Enjoy the photos. I hope all my brothers and sisters get a home like this.

    Love, Maggie

  85. Tink,

    Little Jasper has learned to sit, lay down and play fetch. He is working on stay and roll over with stay being nearly mastered!!! He walks well both on and off the leash (just stays right by our feet the whole time). Everyone that meets him says he is the nicest mellowest pup they have ever seen!!! Potty training is going good! Gave him his de-wormer this morning and so far no worms 🙂 I am hopeful!! He is getting bigger I am guessing close to 10lbs (he was 7lbs 6oz when we brought him home). We just love him to pieces!!!

  86. Lucy is doing wonderfully. She is gorgeous with highlights on her face and body. Very well behaved, loves swimming and boating, and completed puppy kindergarden class. She is 8 months old and weighs approx. 51 #. We were just up north with her and she Loves the water. We have all fallen in love with her. She has the best personality. She is basically really calm, but she gets into a really hyper mood once in awhile and we find it really entertaining. My oldest son weighed her today and she is 54#. Growing really well. We are really enjoying her.
    The Mulroys

  87. Just got back from the vet with Kirby. He weighs 10.8 lbs, and is very healthy…no parasites. Everybody just loved him! I feel like a kid dragging around my favorite brown teddy bear, lol…he’s just such a sweetheart!


  88. Hi Tink,
    Just a quick note to let you know that Mei Mei is doing great and is such a happy addition to our family. Our girls are crazy about her and she is such a laid back pup (most of the time). We started Puppy Class last week and she learns very quickly. She goes out on our pontoon boat with us to go fishing and we have taken her to the beach a few times—she is a great swimmer! Also, it looks like she is about house trained—no accidents in the last week. Our three cats pretty much ignore her, but I did get a photo of Mei Mei and our cat, Pepper on the bed almost cuddling. I sent it and a couple others as well.

    Thanks again and I’ll send you an update around the holidays.

    All our best,

  89. Jean & Lou says:

    Hi Tink,

    Just wanted to send you updated pictures of our boy. Augie has just completed one month of “hunting school” and is doing excellent. The trainer said he is very smart and has great hunting instincts. He is a wonderful dog with a great disposition and has been a great pet.

    Just wanted to share our success so far with Augie and we will let you know how the hunting season goes. Lou is anxious to get Augie out for the pheasant opener in a couple weeks.

    Take care,
    Jean & Lou

  90. Cindy and Chuck says:

    Hey Tink, Just wanted to let you know Greta is doing great, we absolutely love her! She is a fun pup who is fitting into our family perfect, she absolutely Loves our old chocolate lab and follows her everywhere and is already picking up some hunting instincts from her, it’s really fun to watch. Her favorite playmate is our Chihuahua, the one we were most worried about 🙂 Thanks so much! I will send pictures when she is a little older so you can see how she is doing, I am sure she has already grown while we have had her, I think she may be tall, and the hair on her face has grown a little more too, we actually can’t tell if she is getting cuter or if we are getting more and more attached! Thanks Again! Absolutely Love her!



  91. Brian & Doreen says:

    We are Proud to say that Daisy and Chips pup is the highlight of our life. His name is Storm. Well behaved for 7 months old except when we leave him home he likes to surf the counters. Most of the time he goes with us.

  92. I just wanted to let you that Storm Dazy & chip Pup is going to turn a year
    old on the 28Th and all we can say is he is the love of our lives. Spoiled
    but well discipline. I even asked my husband we should get one of his
    Brothers for him. But no chance. He goes almost every where whith us. has
    more toys the my kids also retrives his hunting decoyes playes and catches
    his frizbie. Mostly he just love running around the yard and he is fast.

  93. Tink,

    We want to thank you for breeding such a wonderful puppy! Louis is doing great with his crate training and everyone who sees him makes compliments on his mellow disposition and beautiful coat color. He is so smart, eager to please and a lot of fun. Each day we see him growing more confident with his new surroundings and exploring more and more on our walks. The weather makes it nice to sit outdoors and let him play in the grass and find cool spots in the shade. The vet visit went great on Friday. Louis did have a minor yeast infection in his ears, but other than that, the vet said he was a very healthy pup! The medicine didn’t cost much and seeing how Louis jumped in the lake the first evening home, we’re thinking he might have gotten the infection that way, so don’t worry about the cost. (we have friends whose labs have ear infections right now from their lake water.) You definitely have our recommendation should anyone ask us of a good labradoodle breeder!

    We’ll send you pictures later this year so you can see how Louis is changing.

    Thanks again,
    Julie & Doug

  94. Hello Tink!

    Just wanted to let you know my little girl (Honey) went to the Vet yesterday and everything is great! She had a little buildup in one ear the Vet cleaned out, but other than that she is doing fantastic and is just a few ounces over 11 lbs. The Vet said her eyes/ heart/ and jaw alignment were all good! They also checked a stool sample and there were no signs of worms or anything. Also, everyone thinks she is just so cute!

    She made the 4hr drive home fine. She slept most of the way and wasn’t sick at all. The 1st night she only got up once. The past 2 nights it has been around every 2hrs, but her crying after I put her back in her kennel stops after 5 maybe 10 min. So she is getting more use to that. We have had a few potty accidents in the house, but most of the time if I keep taking her out every time she wakes up/ after she eats/ or just make sure it is every 2 hrs she does fine. 🙂 She also likes my 5 yr old cat and he likes her! They wrestle around! Not sure how much longer my cat will want to do that with her, but I’m glad they are getting along just fine!!

    Thanks again for taking such good care of her up to when I brought her home! Take care and I’ll keep you updated on her progress!


  95. Hey Tink! We made it home, finally. I took the pup to the vet on Monday and all checked out well. She traveled very well and has been a joy to be around. She sleeps well, very few accidents and hasnt been any trouble at all. Everyone at the vets office went on and on about how beautiful she is and everyone thats has met her has fallen in love!!! Thanks for doing such a good job with your dogs. Your hard work and efforts really show in the quality of your pups. She is amazing and we love her!! =D We will keep you updated often.

    Thanks again, Holly Durham and family

  96. Wanted to let you know that Truman is an awesome puppy!! He sleeps through the night, and is totally comfortable here. He was a total hit at the vet, I think the Fed Ex guy wanted to take him home! He walks amazing on a leash, and loves to play/torment the kids! He’s learning some commands, still working on potty outside, but otherwise he’s perfect! I’m hoping his puppy breath lasts forever! Thanks for all of your hard work, will send some pics soon.

    Thanks, Truman and family

  97. Hi! Just a quick note to let you know that Emma passed her vet exam with flying colors. She has been coming to her name fairly well, has only had a couple of accidents in the house, mostly when she is asleep near the door and someone comes and she gets nervous. We took her to a near by lake yesterday and she ran right in. She swam about 5 feet between us a couple of times.She also likes to play a bit of ball,too. She is a true ganster of love already!! We just love her!
    Hope all is well with you and yours!

  98. Good morning, Brenda

    Well, the last couple of days have been as exciting as they’ve been a learning process. Last night was the first night that Boomer stayed in his crate all night without me being on the couch next to him. My back is very appreciative for that fact!
    He had an accident in his crate yesterday morning. It was the first day of us going back to work and him being alone all day. I’m using a kong with peanut butter, which really helped with him wanting to go back into the crate after being in it all night and only getting and hour- hour and a half break in the morning. Anyway, I realized it’s a must that he goes poop outside in the morning before he goes in for the day. My fault. I also pushed up his breakfast from 6 to 5 a.m., hoping that will give him ample time to do his business. It proved to be the right choice this morning. He went 15 minutes before we had to leave, so I think the necessary morning routine has been figured out!
    I’m absolutely amazed at how smart he is. Besides that accident in the crate, he is already figuring out that outside is the place to go and he gets rewarded for it. It’s funny, I think he pees a couple of times on the longer trips outside(to play) knowing that he’ll get more treats, for now! He’s picked up on the area we want him to go in, and heads that way as soon as I get him outside.
    Out of curiousity, I threw an extra large tennis ball for him while outside last night. He took off right after it and brought it right back. We did that for atleast 15-20 minutes. It seems that fetch will come pretty easy to him!
    We had our little Lyla’s birthday on Saturday, and everyone could not get over how calm and well-behaved he is. I’ve been around lots of puppies, between our families and friends, and have never met a puppy that stays so cool and relaxed. He even climbed into my friends lap and zonked out for 10 minutes. He’s winning lots of hearts in Elkhorn!! I can’t express enough how excited and pleased we are with our choice to go with your puppies. When you said calm and sweet puppies, that’s exactly what you get!
    On to business, real quick. He had his vet appointment yesterday and everything was perfect. As everyone else has said so far, the vet was amazed at (1) the size of his paws, and (2) how calm he was. I actually forgot my paperwork and had to run home, so the tech started the check-up without me. I was a proud papa when I got back and she had compliment over compliment of how good he was for her while i was gone, and that was nail clipping and ear cleaning! Anyway, the vet said everything looked great. She recommends at 6 months to go ahead with the neutering.
    Another thing that has been really cool, is not alot of people around us have seen chocolate labradoodles. Lots of cream, white, and black. His coloring gets lots of compliments!
    I could go on and on, but I eventually have to get my work started for the day!
    Thank you so much for everything, with keeping him an extra 2 weeks, to answering all of our questions over the last couple of months. I will definetely recommend you and your dogs to anyone who inquires about labradoodles!

    Have a great week, and we’ll send more pictures in a month or so!

  99. I just wanted to let you that “Storm” Dazy & chip Pup, was a year
    old on June 28Th, and all we can say is he is the love of our lives. Spoiled
    but well discipline. I even asked my husband we should get one of his
    Brothers for him. But no chance. He goes almost every where with us. has more toys the my kids also retrieves his hunting decoys plays and catches his frizbie. Mostly he just love running around the yard and he is fast.

  100. Remember Us? We got a little female pup last September we named Gretta, my husband was hoping she would hunt….she does ! and fishes and everything else she is absolutely the BEST dog we have ever had with the funnest temperament We could not be happier with her she is the absolute LOVE of our family. She looks exactly like Josie but a tad lighter with more highlights but that is probably from having her at the lake every weekend. My husband had her at the Hunting Club last night and lots of men where coming up asking him what kind of dog she was and said she was so cool looking with those green/gold eyes…Thanks for such a perfect dog!

  101. Hi Tink – hope this finds you doing well. Bristol is a happy 2 yr old and I can’t tell you what joy she brings us. I am interested in seeing what the new F1b puppies will look like as they get older. We are so happy with Bristol and I would love another dog just like her. Interested in your new male poodle. He is on the small side and I wonder how big the puppies will get. Do you still have Ava? Bristol has the best temperment and is as smart as we’ve ever seen. She is just simply the best dog ever. Even Mike brags
    about how she is the best dog we have ever had(the labrador guy)!! I am interested in seeing pictures of this last litter as they age. Thanks so much for our forever companion.

  102. My vet told me that Willow was the prettiest labradoodle she had ever seen and could tell she was a very well bred dog. Thank you, I just love her!

    • Thanks Patricia! I am so glad that your vet is happy with Willows health. I try hard to pick healthy, good natured dogs that are good examples of their breeds. I think it’s even more important when breeding hybrids because it proves I have not taken just any random dogs and thrown them together as some who are opposed to hybrid breeding claim. The DNA testing too I think gives my pups a major advantage, so while it’s an extra cost and step in the process, I will continue to do it. Thanks for your kind words. It’s people like you who are so happy with your pup that keep this fun for me. Give Willow a hug for me!

  103. Boomer, at 6 months, had his first full groom two weeks ago, we took his coat down to 1″ to see how it will look. Most likely we’ll keep it this short during the summer due to us having him out on the lake all summer long. Everyday he amazes me how calm, smart, and willing to please he is. Tons of compliments on his looks and behavior!

  104. Hi Tink, Oliver is the light of my life. I am so glad that I waited until I retired to get him. He goes with me everywhere. He is such a good traveller. There are days when he spends the whole day in the vehicle while we are travelling around. I just had him deflowered last week and everything is fine with him. He is up to a weight of 54 pounds. Has been gaining about 8-10 pounds a month since I got him. Have had so many compliments from everyone about him. Everybody that sees him just love him. In the midst of doing some remodeling on the house right now, he is behaving rather well with the contractors going in and out of the house. Not underfoot too badly. He loves going to obedience training and doggie day care a couple days a week. Loves all the excitement and the exercise he gets there. He is totally exhausted when he gets home. He is so friendly, calm, smart and he has not destroyed a thing in the house except for his own toys and the cat toys, of course. He is what I was hoping for in everyway imaginable. Thank you.

  105. Doreen & Brian says:

    Storm is going to be 2 yrs old at the end of may. Just like you to know that he is the best boy ever and he also had his Vet. appointment yesterday and is in great health he now ways 79 lb’s. We are so happy to have him. He loves to run and is fast at that! Again thanks for breeding such a sweet heart!

    • How nice to hear from you Doreen! Of course I remember your family and Storm! I’m so glad he’s doing well and has become a beloved member of your family. It’s updates like yours that make my hobby such fun!
      Hugs to you all!

  106. Herro family says:

    We are celebrating Deeters 2nd Birthday this May. We LOVE our Deeter! He is well-behaved, loving, kind, protective and smart. He is a huge part of our family and our community. Mike has an office downtown Oconomowoc. There is a leash law in our town, for all dogs BUT Deeter! Last week I jumped out of the car with Deeter to drop something off at the office. We were walking down the side walk and bumped into the City Attorney. Bill smiled at us and joking said he was going to give Deeter a ticket for breaking the law…Deeter does not need a leash, downtown he is glued to our side and shadows our every step. We live on a farm. He has never touched one of the poultry unless instructed to do so when they are on the deck where they do not belong. He chases them off to their area and then promptly returns. We have taken him hunting. The first time he flushed two pheasants. The second time he out performed two trained, seasoned hunting dogs. He is a pointer/flusher who never had any training, he is a natural!

    Tink, thank you for choosing the right dog for us! Your dogs, from our experience are exceptional. Thank you for doing what you do! We have included some photos below.

    Our Best,

    The Herro’s

  107. Lauranne Bailey says:

    We’ve had Mr. Moonlight Max Alchemical Magician for a little over a year now. He goes by Max, Maxito, Max in a Million, Burrito (he is full of beans, after all!). He looks rather large the longer we let his hair grow, and weighs in at 60 pounds (our vet suggested we bring him down from his puppy 65). His dark chocolate puppy curls are now wisped with silver and cinnamon hairs. He’s been enrolled in puppy classes (now advanced puppy) where he socializes well with other dogs and we learn how to train him. His deliberate, yet slow moves are made with deep dog intelligence. Everything is on Max time now. As our second labradoodle (the other one passed 9 months before we found Max), we are thrilled with how different he is in personality, yet very similar in loving disposition to our first one. All the babies and growing grandchildren in our family adore him. He’s a great traveling companion (his longest road trip was to New Mexico), nursemaid, play pal, and affectionate cuddle-pup. Our 22-year-old parrot loves to spar with Max. They’ve learned boundaries with one another. We keep a close eye on the two of them, and so far, all feather and fur remains intact. In a week, he’ll be 17 months and we’re deliriously happy with him.

  108. Hi Brenda:
    Thought I would give you a quick update on our new pup, Louie. He is doing wonderfully. He is settled in nicely, didn’t take very long. Passed his vet appointment with flying colors weighing in at 16lbs. He enjoyed his first camping trip over the weekend, playing with other dogs and children. Many compliments on his temperament and looks. He learns quickly. House training is going very well and he is comfortable in his kennel. Enjoys doggy daycare with his favorite buddies being two mastiffs!! We love him and look forward to many, many years together!!

  109. Peggy and Jim says:

    Hello and Merry Christmas,
    Ryely Just had her Annual Wellness check-up this Week. All is Good. Looking at her we thought she was about 65-70 pounds. Our Vet informed us she is in Excellent health. She weighs 60.50 pounds.
    She was looking like a Red haired bear so I took her in for a shaving again- Last time for the Winter. Wow Wow Wow..She looks like a concentration camp victim…Tall Blondish and Skinny..She is all muscle. and Love. Jim thinks I am starving her ….. 3 1/2 cups of food a day plus treats…Really Jim? …

    We took her on a Road trip..My Sister and her husband Just bought a cottage on 6 acres ,.So we went up for an overnighter..(Did I mention she has 3 dogs and a cat) Things we learned.1,.Ryely Loves to travel..2. We were concerned about how Ryely would behave with the cat..She has her claws…

    As usual she stunned us all…Immediately entering the cabin..The cat greeted us at the door…every muscle on Ryely was wiggling with excitement …Tater (the cat) walked right up to her face to face one inch apart…Ryely laid down and let the cat sniff her. What? Up she jumped and It was all over…They were inseparable. And a comedy routine….Down the hall goes a cat..Down the hall goes the dog…Back comes the Dog, Back comes the cat……They slept together on the couch…Brenda, you have done such an Outstanding job in Breeding…Six acres to run through , heavily wooded, We had a blast…Tracking Deer..Tracking Turkeys….How much fun can a Dog have….Running as fast as a freight train…and Always coming when commanded …. We are so proud of her….My brother in law has three hunting dogs and is absolutely infatuated with Ryely…She ranks right up there with his pride and Joy .A magnificent black lab.They are following your site now..Once they are in need of another pup. They will only go with you…….He has worked with alot of dogs in his life time… says there are some things you can’t train a dog to do…and she does it all…( We tracked and found 3 deer 4 turkeys) She slept for 2 days when we got home….

    I pray your Christmas is full of love and family…
    Peggy and Jim

  110. Steffen Family says:

    Hello Brenda! I just wanted to give you another update on Miles now that he is just over a year old. He is an AMAZING dog and a great member in our family. He loves going for rides, wrestling with the kids, & going for walks (which he gets loads if stares and smiles). Miles is so smart and always eager to please. I can not express what a big cuddle bug he is. Sweetest boy around. He is a BIG boy and so very delightful. Thank you for such a wonderful boy 🙂

  111. Hi Brenda! Just have to give you an update of our 7 mo old we purchased from you the end of July.

    We are absolutely in love with our boy Milo. He is 7 months now, 46lbs, and continuing to grow. We have him in manners classes and it amazes me how quickly he catches on to the exercises. He is often used as an example. But, he wouldn’t be our Milo without being a little goofball, and he is definitely the “class clown” and a favorite among the teachers. I constantly tell people how lucky we are to have such an awesome dog, and we we are really truly blessed to have him!

    Thank you so much for such a delightful puppy 🙂

  112. Just a update on Maggie May. This is the smartest , loyal, most loveable dog I have ever seen. She knows many commands, walks good on a leash and the house braking is going very good. I think this shows that dealing with a breeder that cares about the dogs is better than a puppy mill any day. Keep up the good work . Thanks DON AND CONNIE.

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