​Another Sunday, another grotesque injury that is bound to devastate a contending team. With the Redskins sniffing an ​NFC East title and playoff berth, they're now forced to evaluate their options following a horrifying injury to ​Alex Smith. Here's the disgusting video, and please look away if you're squeamish.

​​Smith's leg was simply not meant to bend that way.

If Smith misses extended time (and it's safe to say it'll be a massive upset if he doesn't, based on the clear video evidence), that opens the door wide for the Cowboys' defense to continue swarming all the way to a division title.

Even the Eagles are still in play, and the Giants (seriously) remain on the fringes of contention, if they can run the table.

A Red

Best of luck to Smith and the Redskins moving forward; the team has to regroup and play Thursday on Thanksgiving against the Cowboys.