The ongoing NCAA corruption probe might finally be picking up some steam again, as former USC assistant coach Tony Bland will plead guilty to charges of federal funds bribery, according to Yahoo Sports.​

Bland also faced charges of wired fraud and solicitation of bribes. 

Federal prosecutors claim that he accepted $13,000 from sports agent Christian Dawkins in order to steer prospective athletes towards USC. Bland was also sent nearly $10,000 to the families of two highly touted recruits

Though Bland could have faced almost 80 years, his plea deal and lack of a prior criminal record mean that he will likely receiver a sentence anywhere from 6-12 months in jail. It's entirely possible he is only given probation. 

The three ​other coaches who were also arrested, Auburn's Chuck Person, Arizona's Book Richardson, and Oklahoma State's Lamont Evans, are all expected to reach similar plea deals.​​

The corruption scandal cast a bright light on some of the ugliest goings-on in ​college basketball. ​​​This probe is by no means over or headed towards a speedy resolution, but the light at the end of the tunnel is starting to shine.