The Pittsburgh Steelers and their fanbase thought there was no way they could get more media attention than they had with the Le'Veon Bell saga.

Enter ​Antonio Brown, who reportedly demanded a trade from the Steelers and only fueled the fire by posting pictures of himself in a San Francisco 49ers uniform all across his social media platforms.

Former Steelers wide receiver and Super Bowl XLIII MVP Santonio Holmes shared his thoughts on the whole dilemma, stating that he hopes both parties can put their differences aside, because in his mind, Brown was one of the greatest things to happen to the organization.

That's a rather glowing endorsement from Holmes.

Holmes and Brown are forever attached in Pittsburgh history. Back in 2010, the Steelers traded Holmes to the New York Jets in exchange for a fifth-round draft pick due to numerous brush-ins with the law. Pittsburgh would later trade that pick to the Arizona Cardinals for the sixth, which they used on Brown in the NFL Draft.

For Holmes to wish both the Steelers and Brown to resolve their differences is easier said than done. Owner Art Rooney has been open to trading Brown in the offseason, but has backtracked a bit recently due to not receiving the desired offer. And the receiver hasn't helped the situation either.

The chances Brown returns look to be slim, but hey, crazier things have happened in the NFL. 

Things will be interesting in Pittsburgh following the conclusion of Super Bowl LIII.