Indianapolis Colts guard Quenton Nelson burst on to the ​NFL scene in his rookie campaign. ​The absolute beast of a lineman appears to be able to do it all, and now some old high school basketball footage reveals that he even had elite abilities on the hardwood. 

​​A behind-the-back dime?! ​Nelson fed his teammate the perfect pass that he took and slammed down forcing the opposing team to call timeout. 

​Last year's sixth overall pick has already made a name for himself because of his tenacious blocking skills and shredded physique despite being over 300 pounds. 

He also gained massive fame for this doctored video that edits in a scream while he completely destroys a Jacksonville Jaguars defender on a block. 

However, there is no doctoring or editing in this basketball video. ​Nelson really did dish a behind-the-back dime in a game. Just like on the gridiron, it's clear that no one in high school wanted any part of Nelson.

I, for one, would rather ride the bench than be called upon to take a charge from a driving Nelson.