​The ESPN-​Zion Williamson love affair has gotten WAY out of control. Even though the über-talented freshman isn't playing in ​Duke's matchup against Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, ESPN instituted the "Zion Cam", showing the superstar sitting on the bench and not taking part in the game.

Thankfully, we weren't the only ones who noticed.

​​Isn't it worth shrinking the screen to about 2/3 the size of fullscreen to see a guy sitting down and clapping? 

​​On the basketball court, Williamson is a force, constantly slamming down gravity defying dunks and establishing himself as the consensus No. 1 pick in the 2018 draft. He's less exciting when he's sitting on the bench clapping. 

Maybe an RJ Barrett cam would have been a better option?

​​ESPN's hype train for Trae Young almost went off the rails last year, but the borderline worship they are heaving on Zion is almost comical in how hyperbolic and outrageous it is. 

Maybe some ESPN executive will finally get the memo that a camera fixed on a guy sitting down isn't exactly entertaining television. 

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