​Aaron Rodgers has become the center of the NFL world lately, amid the bombshell reports furthered by anonymous teammates that claimed ​he had a strained and difficult relationship with former Packers head coach Mike McCarthy. That relationship has prompted some of those former Packers players to give their two cents and chime in on what their experience was during their time in Green Bay.

One former Packer, fan favorite wide receiver Jeff Janis, gave us a lengthy, impassioned comment about what it was like catching passes from Rodgers, and how he looks at that time now. And no, he doesn't believe he was mistreated by any stretch of the imagination.

These comments give credence to the notion that things weren't as terrible in Green Bay as revisionist history has made them out to be. Janis seems to have taken these accusations against McCarthy pretty seriously, and doesn't see his time with the Pack as anything more than a time of tough love and development.

Whether or not Janis was being kept down is really important. If he was being undervalued and won't admit it, then that would only serve to underscore how much he respects and supports McCarthy and Rodgers. Since he's saying that wasn't the case, he must really look at them like teachers and leaders who pushed him, sometimes too far, but always in the right direction. 

With plenty of well-respected teammates backing him up, the ​Packers quarterback has come out recently to further address all of this negative scrutiny.

Rodgers is still possibly the best talent at the quarterback position in the NFL, and if his relationship with new head coach Matt LaFleur can develop into a positive one, there may be more positive reviews on No. 12 as the new NFL season comes around in September.