​There have been some pretty prominent two sport athletes who spent time between their primary sport and ​Major League Baseball, most notably Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson. As for ​Mike Trout, he's the best baseball player in the world, and from the looks of it he should never, ever leave the diamond. At least not for basketball, anyway.

Man, that's hard to watch. He's otherworldly at the plate and he can run down fly balls with the best of them. That shot, though. It looked good as he was going up, but then everything came apart on the second half of the attempt. His jumper is practically as bad as Charles Barkley's notoriously terrible golf swing.

With LeBron James in town for the next couple of years, maybe the King can give Trout some pointers on how to tweak his form.

Trout will be making a whole lot of money over the next dozen years, so whether his basketball game rounds into form between now and then is probably of little consequence to the best player in the game. The only time this phrase will ever apply appropriately: Stick to baseball!