We all know Kevin Hart as a comedian and actor, but could he be adding professional pugilism to his ever-lengthening resume? Well, former world champ-turned-promoter Oscar De La Hoya claims he wants to add Hart to his Golden Boy Promotions stable. 

And he's actually being serious.

Hart recently stepped into the ring for a sparring match with pro poker player Antonio Esfandiari, and was able to hold his own in a loss. De La Hoya apparently sees potential in the prolific comic, and said that he can even get him on the big stage in Vegas live on​ DAZN. He's offering to build him up with four-round and six-round fights in an effort to get him to a more competitive level.

​​Hart has said that he wants a rematch with Esfandiari before he does anything, and De La Hoya is offering to promote that too, saying that he could make it happen at the Staples Center, with Hart as the headliner.

Color us skeptical. This proposition makes absolutely no sense, and De La Hoya is out of his mind if he's doing anything but currying favor with Hart. Just because the guy holds his own one time against a professional poker player in a sparring match doesn't mean you should be backing him to do big things. Don't expect Hart to all of a sudden become a pro puncher. It's just not going to happen-- and such a thing shouldn't even need to be said.