Aaron Rodgers' Brutal First Half Confirmed Packers Fans' Worst Fears About NFC Championship

The Green Bay Packers need to make major changes to have a shot at a second half comeback.
The Green Bay Packers need to make major changes to have a shot at a second half comeback. / Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

The Green Bay Packers are facing an absolute nightmare at halftime of Sunday's NFC Championship Game against the San Francisco 49ers.

The Pack mercifully ran into the locker room down 27-0 at halftime. The half saw Aaron Rodgers throw for under 70 yards, throw an interception, lose a fumble, and take two sacks. He did out-gain Jimmy Garoppolo, but the 49ers rushing attack is unstoppable, and he's simply not equipped for a shootout like this in 2020.

As all of Green Bay was too frightened to acknowledge, but certainly knew anyway.

Rodgers is supposed to be one of the best of all time, and he proceeded to lay an absolute egg in one of the biggest games of his career, and potentially his final chance to prove himself. Three years ago, however, the same was true when the Atlanta Falcons destroyed the Packers by a final score of 44-21.

The quarterback clashed with Mike McCarthy and was supposed to flourish under Matt LaFleur. And he did do that during the regular season.

But the main complaint about McCarthy is that he limited the Packers to winning only one Super Bowl with Rodgers at quarterback, and the first half against the 49ers shows it may be too late to redeem this legacy. The skills have eroded. The Pack look a few steps behind. This is brutal.

Rodgers has shown enough throughout his career to be considered one of the best quarterbacks of his era. But his legacy will take a major hit if he loses yet another Championship Game, and his performance is a major reason why.

The 49ers are either masters of disguise, or Rodgers is just no longer able to read a strong defense. No one will be able to defend him this offseason if the second half goes like the first.