Hi, I am Tink, owner and kennel master of TinkerDoodle Kennel.


1. All of my dogs are treated like family so live in a heated/cooled kennel that is attached to my house and has in-floor heating for their comfort year around. No other kennel, shelter, or dog facility that I know of has anything comparable for the health, safety and comfort of their dogs.

2. I only breed dogs with friendly, eager to please personalities and loving stable temperaments. These traits do pass on to their puppies, so I am very careful to pick only the best of the best.

3. I breed Labradoodles for the fun of it, yet offer a lifetime health guarantee that is almost unheard of among breeders; all the while keeping my price below what most charge for similar quality pups without the comprehensive health guarantee.

4. When I say I am here for you for the lifetime of your pup, I walk the walk and invite you to walk it with me.

5. Thanks to DNA testing, I can know before hand what colors and characteristics pups from any of my dogs will produce. I have dams who produce chocolates and cafe au laits, as well as who yellows to try to be able to have rainbow colored litters to please all tastes.  Best of all, this testing screens my breeding dogs for genetic problems that Labs or Poodles are known to have and helps me to eliminate them from my puppies. In 2017 we signed on to a program through Cornell University for canine testing that is far more comprehensive than I’ve been able to do in the past.  To learn more, check out www.embarkdna.com


I am well located in west central Wisconsin to be within a nice day trip of several good-sized cities:

  • Minneapolis MN 2 hours 20 mins
  • Rochester MN 2 hrs 30 mins
  • Chicago IL 5 hrs
  • Appleton WI 3.5 hrs
  • Madison WI 2.5 hrs
  • Superior WI 3.5 hrs
  • Dubuque IA 3.5 hrs

I am less than 15 minutes off of I-94 and a quarter of a mile off of HWY 53/121  so am easy to find.

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About 30 years ago I started breeding German Shepherd dogs. It was great fun, and in the process I learned a lot about dogs, and met many good people. 9 yrs later when the demands of raising a family and earning a living got in in the way, I gave it up. It’s not something you can do just “in your free time” if you want to do it right.

Now that I’ve taken an early retirement, I am able to devote myself to being with my dogs full time and have fallen in love with Labradoodles. I find them to be everything a pet should be. I chose my dogs because I wanted ones that would be fun and safe to have around my kids and grand kids. I have a true appreciation for the intelligent and loving breeds that go into Labradoodles. My studs and dams were chosen with those traits in mind. They’ve proven to be everything I’d hoped for!

I believe in selling my pups at a reasonable price to get them into homes with families. I’m not looking to make my fortune in dogs; and will never sell to pet stores or puppy mills. My goal is to share the fun and love I have for these wonderful animals with others who will enjoy them as family members and possible service dogs. I do what I do out of love for the experience. If it weren’t fun, there would be no point. All of my profits for 2011 went into building the new kennel and fences for my dogs. They earned it, so it only seemed fair to spend if for/on them. Since then, we have added a single whelping cottage on a property we bought next door to our original one. It allows the dams privacy while birthing and caring for their litter, while keeping them right under my nose for safety.

Get in Touch

I welcome visitors, emails, or phone calls to inquire about my dogs. They are very much a part of my family and I’m always proud to show them off and introduce others to these wonderful characters. I don’t have a huge kennel, because I want to have the time to take proper care of all my dogs. I have never had more than 3 litters in a year, because I want to be able to properly socialize my pups and enjoy each one while they’re mine. I enjoy socializing the pups, playing with the parents, and giving each one the attention they so need and deserve. My kids, grand kids, friends, and neighbors all get a hand in helping to socialize these pups. Our fun with them now creates your great companion once they leave me. These are absolutely people-loving animals.

If you’re looking for a Labradoodle, please feel free to contact me. If you just want to learn more about the breed, I’m more than willing to talk with you and direct you to some great sites to learn from and tell you what I know to be true.

When people ask me “What’s a TinkerDoodle?” I can honestly say it’s a healthy, intelligent, loving dog that can be many things to many different people. When you think TinkerDoodle, I want you to think quality and responsibility; so my breeding program is geared to those goals.

Proud member of the American Dog Owners Association.

Working with others to better life for ALL of our canine friends.


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