Our New Kennel

I’d dreamed for years of building a great kennel building to house my dogs. When I originally began researching ideas to use in my kernel build, I was quite disappointed in what little was out there. So I am working on this page in hope that it will help others who come after me searching for kennel plans. In the process, I can show everyone who visits here just how well treated and cared for our dogs truly are.

I will add to the page once everything is done, but for now, this seems a good introduction. I hope you enjoy it!

The kennel building is 12 feet wide and 20 feet long. It’s well insulated,  has bulk feeders in each run, with fresh water 24/7 straight from the water lines.

I purposely kept my kennel small, since I only breed a limited number of dogs and plan to heat/cool it, so want to keep that goal practical as well.

I have room for 5 individual 5’x 6′ indoor runs which lead through service doors and doggy doors to their own outdoor runs. The smallest of the outdoor runs is 14 x 24, so the dogs have plenty of space to play even when in their own spaces. Each has a small platform right outside their doggy door to lay on and sun themselves.
I was a little concerned at how it would go teaching 5 dogs to use doggy doors, but they all took to it with no problem and not one has ever messed inside even though most were not previously housetrained. They seem to love that they can go in and out at will.

My basic wish list was to have indoor runs within a heated building and in-floor heating so that when I have a litter, the pups will be nicely warmed regardless of the season. Of course, ease of cleaning was important as was the addition of doggy doors so that the dogs can go outside on their own. So each indoor its’ own outdoor run which has a gate that leads to a large group exercise and play yard for the dogs to socialize and exercise together.

Interior kennel panels divide the runs.

I have wall hung gravity fed automatic feeders and waterers to make sure the dogs all have fresh food and water at all times without the mess of dishes to spill and clean. Just a simple wipe down will keep them clean easily.They also have wading pools to play in and cool off in during the hotter days.

I opted for ceramic tile for the floors so that the in-floor heat would give the dogs a warm spot to lay on and I can simply sweep and mop the floors as needed. On the walls, I put fiberglass board which also wipes clean in case they get mud, (or whatever) on them. I have 300 more feet of chain link fencing to put up this fall to give the dogs even more space to exercise in without getting lost or out in the road.

I admit I might have gone a bit overboard when building the Kennel, but the income from the pups paid for it, so it seemed only fitting that they should benefit from it.