Antonio Brown Posts Picture of Himself on Snapchat Wearing Uniform of Steelers AFC North Rival

Antonio Brown's Snapchat Post
Antonio Brown's Snapchat Post /

At this point, Antonio Brown is trying to write his next chapter in the NFL, but we all very well know that's not how any of this is going to unfold. We've moved past the chatter of him teaming up with Tom Brady again in Tampa Bay on top of the possibility of him landing with a few other teams.

But the discussion that will stem from AB's latest post on Snapchat will perhaps be the most controversial, especially when you consider it from a Steelers fan's perspective.

AB joining the Ravens?! Probably not going to happen, but that's the picture he posted of himself on Saturday. This is classic AB behavior, stirring the pot to get fans of his former team riled up while also dreaming of the prospect of playing on one of the best teams in the NFL alongside Lamar Jackson and his cousin, Marquise Hollywood Brown.

Maybe he's onto something though, considering the Ravens have a history employing players with concerning character/off-the-field issues.

With all that's happened this offseason and how unpredictable the NFL has been, would it really be that crazy if the next monster news dump has to do with AB finally finding a new home?