BYU Fans Won't Stop Whining After UNC Won FOX College Basketball's Best Fans Poll

BYU fans really wanted to win a fake contest.
BYU fans really wanted to win a fake contest. /

In the current global climate, it's nearly impossible to imagine anything that matters less than a "Best Fans in College Basketball" poll run by FOX College Hoops.

But don't tell that to BYU fans, who desperately want you to know they exist.

As we all expected, the poll came down to the two fanbases most clearly associated with college ball: UNC, and their Tobacco Road rival...Brigham Young?

You're not going to believe this, but the fan-voted final was incredibly close, and UNC only surged ahead to take the title at the very last moment! This...did not sit well with Utah's denizens, who are super upset online about the near-upset of the century. Has there been a BYU game on national television since Jimmer left?

Yeah, it's TOTAL BS that FOX had a graphic prepared. Why be prepared? It's not their fault they had to ship the "BYU Fan Poll During Coronavirus Champions" shirts to Africa.

Yeah, why can't this have more integrity? Like the other sacred election we've all been a part of, the mascot bracket?!


Even a Mitt Romney tweet couldn't get the Cougars over the edge!

And perhaps that's the saddest thing of all, right? That Mitt Romney, an actual senator, thought this was good discourse right now.

Sorry, BYU. There's no shame in pretending to be the second-best group of fans in college ball! You've earned it.