Coach K is Finally on the Verge of a Well-Deserved Reckoning After Latest Zion Williamson News

Duke's Coach Mike Krzyzewski and Zion Williamson
Duke's Coach Mike Krzyzewski and Zion Williamson / Lance King/Getty Images

For over a decade, college sports fans have been spoonfed the following nonsense: the sport is corrupt, yet the program that annually signs the most 5-star prospects is entirely clean. Right. Yes. The bastion of all that is good.

And while this author highly doubts that any form of "reckoning" is coming for Coach Mike Krzyzewski, the most protected man in college sports, he at least seems primed for another "back injury" that'll keep him out of the spotlight these next several weeks.

Coach K's dirtiest little non-secret is now officially on the verge of tripping past the guards, as court documents showed on Sunday that Zion Williamson has been asked under oath if his family received gifts in exchange for his Duke enrollment, thanks to his former marketing agent's lawsuit.

No one's jaw is on the floor that Duke's gains may have been ill-gotten. But the more public this gets, the likelier it seems that Coach K will soon have to admit that his endless stream of generational talent doesn't flock to campus simply because Duke is a brotherhood.

Whatever the sum total of the cash and gifts he received, Zion Williamson was undoubtedly worth it. But as long as we live in some ridiculous society where this type of behavior is considered illegal, can we stop pretending Will Wade at LSU is the man who invented kickbacks?

When Coach K altered Duke's program to a one-and-done paradise later in his tenure, it was painfully obvious to the naked eye what was going on behind the scenes.

Though no punishment is coming, he'll at least have a blight on his record. Perhaps we'll even get lucky, and he'll be forced to vacate the title he won with Zion on the rost -- ahh, right.

Maybe these next few weeks really will prove the modern era is different.