Current Litters

UPDATED May 29, 2016  We are out of puppies for spring 2016

F1 Labradoodles =   1/2 Labrador retriever, 1/2 Standard Poodle. $750

F1b Labradoodles = an F1 parent bred back to either a Poodle or a Lab parent  any solid color $1,000

Parti colors are like a paint horse with white and spots of black, chocolate, red, or whatever color. PLUS being F1b  $1,200

We now have Violet in with Billy Bob, hoping that we can get a parti F1b litter out of them this summer. Violet is an F1 Labradoodle out of our own Dazy, and Billy Bob is an adorable black/white parti Standard poodle. They are both about 50 lbs.  These babies should be low to no shedding.

Violet, future dam of our upcoming F1b litter.

Violet, future dam of our upcoming F1b litter.

Billy Bob, future stud of our upcoming F1b parti litter.

Billy Bob, future stud of our upcoming F1b parti litter.

If you decide to put down a (non refundable) deposit for an upcoming litter, I make no guarantee of color or gender being available when your turn arrives. That is beyond my control. I can only guarantee that the pups will be healthy and well socialized. I do allow anyone who has a deposit in to use that deposit on a pup anytime in the next year in order to get a better chance to get the gender/color pup that you want. Contact me for more information or to make an appointment to come meet my dogs and I. 

I will be able to rent my standard poodle studs out for breeding. They are apricot and a black and white parti. both AKC registered and out of hip tested parents. The litters above show the many colors they carry to pass on to your females. 

I am a hobby breeder, so have only 3 litters per year. I keep it small so that I can personally handle all the pups and parents to detect any problems that might crop up early, and so that they’re all well socialized and cared for.  

If you are interested in being on my waiting list to be notified when we are expecting pups, please feel free to email me. I will have only F1 (1/2 lab x 1/2 poodle)  pups. Please feel free to contact me for more specific information.

I welcome appointments for anyone who would like to meet my dogs.
Please find more info about our parent dogs on my Dams and Studs page.

Basic info on our pups:

On my “Photos” page you will find many pictures of pups from my previous litters to give you a good idea of the quality of Labradoodles we produce. All our dogs are standard (large) size.
We expect to be able to offer chocolate, cafe au lait, cream, apricot, yellow, silver, white, and black F1 Labradoodle pups for sale at different times. next fall I hope to have my first parti F1b litter with Violet and Billy Bob. Hoping for both chocolate and black parti pups.  $1000 each regardless of gender or color.

To get on our waiting list:

If you want to to get on a list to be notified of our next litters, (spring 2014) please call or email me. I will contact you when a pregnancy is confirmed and again when puppies are born. There is no obligation to buy a pup from me even if you’re on the list. This just gives you a heads up in case you want to get a deposit in early. These pups are usually spoken for quite early, so this is the best way to be sure you don’t miss out.


F1 Pups sold (leaving me) in 2015 will sell for $750. Prices on F1 pups sold in 2016 will sell for $900 (except to those who already have their deposit in who will pay $750 since that was the price when they committed). F1b pups (I plan to have one F1b litter next summer)  out of my parti parents will sell for  $1,000 each. I will now be accepting  5 more deposits for my 2 upcoming  litters. I am confident my prices are well below what most charge for similar quality pups out of health tested parents even without my amazing lifetime guarantee. I network with quite a number of Labradoodle breeders and I do not know of another one in the US who offers the lifetime health guarantee that I do; but hope others will start. I am willing to consider selling pups to other breeders, provided conditions are right. It can be my way of helping to get more breeders DNA testing their pups since mine will all be cleared by parentage. The price of course will be more for breeding prospects based on their health clearances.



Your $250 non-refundable deposit will hold your place to have choice from all 3 of my 2015 litters. First deposit, first choice; second deposit, second choice… etc. All deposits are applied toward the purchase price of your pup. I can accept Pay Pal deposits or checks by mail, but must add a 3% service charge to each PayPal payment, since that is what they charge me. If you go to my “contact us” page you will find a button that says “PAY NOW” that’s linked to PayPal for the correct amount to make your deposit. Please contact me prior to making a deposit to be sure we still have pups available to reserve.

Each depositor will be given a number in the order in which their deposit was received, and will have choice in that same order from all 3 of the litters for that year. If you opt out from the first litter, you will have the same chance from the second litter. By getting in an early deposit, you are sure to get a pup, and to have early choice from my litters regardless of whether I have pups on hand when your deposit is received or not.

Balance to be paid in CASH only; when you pick up your pup. Any pups left here a week beyond purchase and 8 week availability date will be charged a $10 per day fee for boarding. All pups must be paid for at the age of 8 weeks or will be put back on the market and your deposit forfeited.

Any pups reserved by deposit will be chosen according to buyers criteria prior to the pups 5th week of life. I do everything I can to help you choose the right pup for your needs and desires. I will suggest pups that I feel fit your family and leave the final choice up to you. Temperament, personality, activity level, gender, size, and color all measure in. The more detailed idea you can give me about what you would like, the better chance I have at helping you choose the right pup.

Shipping and pick-up:

I have not shipped any pups in cargo, and would prefer not to for the sake of the puppies. I have however had buyers fly to a nearby airport and pick up the pup and fly back with them in a crate at their feet. My prices are low enough that for many around the country this is an option to consider when comparing to the price in many other places. I prefer to meet people who are buying my pups, so encourage all my buyers to come in person and bring the family when possible. My pups are precious to me, and I want to know who they’re going to as much as you want to know where they’re coming from! So please plan to come pick them up and spend a bit of time getting to know me and my parent dogs. This is a long term commitment, so let’s be sure we’re both happy with everything before we rush into anything.

Puppy vaccine timeline:

We have set our vaccination schedule on the advice of our vet. We give a 7-way shot at 6 and 8 weeks of age. Any pups here longer will be wormed and vaccinated according to schedule so that they are always up to date on everything. This shot covers Canine distemper; adenovirus type 2; parainfluenza; parvovirus; leptospira canicola; Icterohaemorrhagiae bacterin. We feel this gives them the best possible start to building a good healthy future. We still encourage you to give one more dose at 12 weeks and a rabies vaccine at 16 weeks. You should also consult with your vet as to whether you should consider a Lymes vaccine based on the area in which you live. Just before our pups leave us, they’re given a shot of Ivermectin which is a broad spectrum anti-parasitic; meaning it kills internal worms, as well as external ones such as fleas/ticks/mites. Your pup should not need any other wormers for a month.