Details of Former Dodgers OF Andrew Toles' Recent Troubles Are Heartbreaking

Former Los Angeles Dodgers OF Andrew Toles is battling mental health issues.
Former Los Angeles Dodgers OF Andrew Toles is battling mental health issues. / Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

Andrew Toles last appeared in Major League Baseball back in 2018 with the Los Angeles Dodgers. He appeared set to get significant playing time in 2019, only to seemingly vanish and fall out of the league.

Toles has reportedly dealt with mental health issues for years, and was recently arrested in Florida after being found sleeping behind the Key West Airport. Yet for his family, the arrest was in many ways a positive: at least it gave them Toles' location. Horrible.

This story is incredibly heartbreaking for a young man who is still only 28 years old. He dealt with these same issues with the Tampa Bay Rays and was given a second chance by the Dodgers. Just when it appeared he would be a regular on the roster, he disappeared. Toles has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, and the story of how his family wants to help but can't is tough to read.

He's been all over the country and world in recent months, including in a Hong Kong prison at the end of 2019. No matter where Toles ends up, though, he always ends up tragically transient.

A positive from the situation is that the Dodgers organization and players such as Justin Turner have not forgotten about Toles. However, it is tough to help if the family has a hard time doing that in the first place. The issue is the family legally can't gain guardianship of Toles without his permission.

Stories like this are incredibly sad, and hopefully this latest arrest will end up turning into a new, happier life for Toles. A return to baseball is likely out of the question. But right now, just getting Toles in a healthy and safe situation is the focus.