Health testing

TinkerDoodle Kennel is focusing on health, temperament, intelligence, and beautiful colors that we feel combine to make our dogs something special. We purposely keep our breeding program small so that I personally can handle and get to know each pup born here. I never have more than 3 litters in a yr, and can tell you more details about each of my breeding dogs than you’d ever want to know.

I believe in DNA health testing all of our breeding dogs to be sure that none have any genetic weaknesses that could pass on to their pups. I have such faith in the DNA testing that I base my lifetime guarantee on my pups on the results of it. We are very choosy to be sure that all of our dogs fit strict breed standards and our own rigid idea of dogs that have only characteristics that we want to “reproduce” and will complement each other. While testing is expensive (and means that if something negative shows up on any of our dogs we will have to remove them from our breeding program), it is the best way available to us at this time to be sure we’re breeding only top quality dogs. The results of this careful screening are apparent when you meet any of our dogs. I’m very proud of every one of them. Due to copyrights on testing, I am no longer able to get the long list of DNA issues tested for that I previously did. I still plan to test for what I can, but will be amending the list before next spring.

Both of my studs, Billy Bob, and Alf, are out of hip tested parents.

DNA testing has been begun with Embark, which is associated with Cornell University. It is an ongoing program that continues to test for new issues as the tests become available. I will update here when my test results are all back and I know more!