Willow is a very nice AKC registered black lab girl who carries yellow and chocolate color genes.
Willow has just had her first litter, and I was very happy with how well she cared for them. She had 11 pups, and didn’t lose one.

My Black Willow girl

Willow is an exceptionally sweet natured girl. She’s fine with being farther down on the pack pecking order, and was very sweet about my handling her babies as she was having them. She’s great with kids, cats, and other dogs.

Willow and Lilly are actually related, a fact I discovered after I got their pedigrees back from AKC. One’s great grand father is the others father. They both have the same very pretty head shape and ear carriage. I have to say that Willow has a really thick coat that’s just soft enough to be great to run your fingers through, while Lilly has the coarser more typical lab coat. Both shine nicely, so they look healthy and well kept.