Isiah Thomas Was Weird at the Skills Challenge and Joel Embiid Joined Twitter in Roasting Him

Joel Embiid roasted Isiah Thomas at NBA All-Star Saturday
Joel Embiid roasted Isiah Thomas at NBA All-Star Saturday /

Isiah Thomas is an NBA legend, full stop.

But his many pursuits, both off the court and on it, after his retirement, have generally been unsuccessful.

Thomas' latest foible came at NBA's All-Star Saturday night. He was...a bit loopy during the Skills Challenge intro, and got roasted by co-host Kristen Ledlow for apparently being too big time to come to rehearsal.

Naturally, Twitter went right to work making IT's night a laughing nightmare. First in line? The Big Man, Joel Embiid.

Why the grudge, man? We won't pry on the details.

Of course, the regular denizens of NBA Twitter went all out in Embiid's wake.


Got any good GIFs that sum up the slurring situation, though?

I mean, it's a party, folks!

We're just having a good time!

Yeah, I...I think NBA Twitter has a sneaking suspicion of what exactly was going on with Thomas' persona. Can neither confirm nor deny if they're right here.

What can we say? It's a mystery!

When it came time for the Skills Challenge trophy presentation, Ledlow hopped back onto the court without Thomas in tow, and we gotta say...we get it.