VIDEO: Jon Jones Boldly Claims He Could Immediately Move to Heavyweight and Beat Stipe Miocic

Jon "Bones" Jones has no reservations about moving up in weight to challenge for another UFC belt
Jon "Bones" Jones has no reservations about moving up in weight to challenge for another UFC belt /

One of the greatest fighters ever to do it in UFC (if not the greatest), Jon Jones, apparently doesn't want to keep beating up on the usual suspects in the light heavyweight division he's bossed for so long. To hear him tell it, he has his eye on the possible GOAT of the weight class right above him: Stipe Miocic. Ahead of his weekend return to the Octagon at UFC 247, Jones told ESPN's Ariel Helwani Monday that he's open to moving up to heavyweight, and he's game for a title fight with Miocic with zero tune-up bouts in between.

It's Jon Jones. it would be weird if he didn't say something like this.

Jones has yet to be beaten in his MMA career by aything other than a single disqualification that occurred all the way back in 2009. (He additionally had a famous 2017 win over Daniel Cormier overturned due to a positive PED test.) The pound-for-pound king has spent basically his entire career in the 205-pound light heavyweight class, where he has reigned unchallenged for virtually his entire UFC run.

Moving up to heavyweight and taking on someone with the sturdiness and punching power of Miocic is a fool's errand for 95% of fighters, but Jones is one of the rare few who could conceivably pull it off based on his athleticism, reach, and sheer skill and versatility.

Jones is an utterly unique physical freak that has barely broken a sweat in the last few years. If Jones is set on moving up to heavyweight, this Miocic fight would be a license to print money.

For now, though, he'd best focus on Saturday's UFC 247 showdown with Dominick Reyes. If and when that's squared away, we can talk about that next big step.