Judge Denies Zion Williamson Protective Order From Answering Questions About Being Paid by Duke

Former Duke star Zion Williamson
Former Duke star Zion Williamson / Patrick Smith/Getty Images

New Orleans Pelicans superstar rookie Zion Williamson has been the subject of an inquiry into his time at Duke, as a former agent is alleging that he received improper benefits to choose Duke over competing schools like Kansas and Clemson.

The Athletic's Daniel Wallach reported that a judge in Florida ruled Williamson must answer questions under oath about the possibility he took impermissible benefits while at Duke, effectively denying his request to avoid this exact scenario.

Not slipping away that easily this time, Coach K.

This whole inquiry was started by agent Gina Ford, who claims that the Williamson family reneged on an exclusive marketing agreement after she wired $100,000 to his family. Williamson's lawyers called that claim "invasive and irrelevant."

Zion also stands accused of taking "money, benefits, favors or things of value" to play at Duke. His mother, Sharonda Sampson, and stepfather, Lee Anderson, have "received gifts and economic benefits from persons acting on behalf of Duke University" during Williamson's recruitment process.

Williamson might not be in Durham anymore, but this scandal could blow the lid off Duke and expose some wrongdoing by the university. Zion himself will either have to lawyer up or settle out of court.