Kansas Could Be Screwed After Latest Update Emerges on Rules Violations

Bill Self coaching in a game vs. rivals Kansas State
Bill Self coaching in a game vs. rivals Kansas State / Peter G. Aiken/Getty Images

It sounds like things are about to get worse for the Kansas basketball program. After watching their season end as the No. 1 team in the country when the NCAA canceled March Madness, it appears the buzz around their violations is back.

The program looks to be in big trouble after the NCAA enforcement staff called the programs' rules violations "egregious" and "severe."

The Jayhawks were charged with five Level I rules offenses that can result in a coach's suspension for the entire season. The Kansas football team was also hit with Level II violations.

The program is being investigated by federal agents for bribery scandal in which former Adidas employees allegedly gave money to student-athletes to join the schools that the brand sponsors.

Coach Bill Self and the Jayhawks are appealing all of these possible violations and are adamant they did not commit any wrongdoing.

If these accusations end up being true and Self gets suspended, the program will take a big hit for the foreseeable future.

These allegations hanging over the program were bad enough, but now that there's been a follow up deeming them seemingly even more serious than before, it could be a rough 2020 for the Jayhawks.