Kendall Jenner Has Funny Response to NBA Player Dating Trend After Devin Booker Rumors

Kendall Jenner on Twitter
Kendall Jenner on Twitter /

You've gotta hand it to Kendall Jenner, she can take a joke.

Or maybe not?

Jenner's been connected to Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker after the two reportedly took a quarantine vacation together (which is a thing, apparently?). The 'Keeping up With the Kardashians' star has a knack for dating NBA players, as one could potentially creating a Starting 5 out of her exes. Well, Kendall's had enough of this talk, and responded to said rumors on Twitter.

Congratulation, Kendall. You win Twitter for the night.

While we can point to her...trend of dating NBA players, it's unfair to simply assume this woman has a type, as easy as that may be. Jenner made it a point to downplay such a suggestion, and we ought to let her and Booker quarantine in peace.

Kendall deserves a spot on the 2021 All-Star Celebrity Team for this tweet alone. Such an appearance would break NBA Twitter, if this post hasn't done so already.