Lane Kiffin Spoke at a Unity Rally in Mississippi and is Already Doing Everything Right at Ole Miss

Lane Kiffin showed his support to Mississippi protesters at a rally for equality and unity
Lane Kiffin showed his support to Mississippi protesters at a rally for equality and unity / Stacy Revere/Getty Images

As with many other high-profile college football coaches, newly-hired Ole Miss football boss Lane Kiffin attended a rally for racial justice and unity along with some of his players this weekend. Kiffin expressed his support for those rallying by calling it a "step in the right direction."

The Rebels coach also stressed that change must be implemented, which beings by listening to and supporting one another.

Arguably Kiffin's most profound statement came in the form of the shirt he wore to the rally, a plain black t-shirt with the word "UNITY" written on the front.

Kiffin adhered to what was written on his shirt by not singling out any specific group in his speech and committing to overall positive change.

He his players were joined at the rally by Ole Miss athletic director Keith Carter, as well as women's basketball head coach Yolett McPhee-McCuin.

The rally shows a great display of unity between the team and coaching staff, especially amid reports that Florida State football coach Mike Norvell lied about having discussions about current issues with each member of his squad.

Historically, the University of Mississippi and other SEC schools have not always been the finest supporters of racial equality, to say the least. In fact, Ole Miss was one of the last major college football programs to allow a racially intergrated team. That's what makes Kiffin's leadership here all the more critical.

Despite that history, it is encouraging to see that times really can change, and that the Ole Miss football program, including its new head coach, can join together to do the right thing by taking a stand for justice, unity, and equality.