Mac McClung Actually Listened to Patrick Mahomes and Transferred to Texas Tech

Georgetown point guard Mac McClung
Georgetown point guard Mac McClung / Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Landing Mac McClung was a pretty solid grab for Patrick Ewing and Georgetown, but the athletic point guard has decided to finish his college career elsewhere after two seasons in DC.

After a recommendation from former Red Raider Patrick Mahomes, McClung decided to transfer to Texas Tech, ending up in Lubbock despite interest from schools like Auburn and BYU. Tech was still on his final list of eight, though, so this wasn't out of nowhere.

Here's what Mahomes said last week:

And here's what he said on Wednesday after the news!

It pays to have influence.

McClung averaged 15.7 points, 3.1 rebounds, and 2.4 assists per game, all the while showing off the hops that made him one of the most entertaining high school players in the country. McClung seems like an ideal fit for the Red Raiders' up-tempo offense and feisty defense.

While McClung has insane verticality and thrives attacking the basket, he will only take that next step if he improves as a shooter -- he shot under 40% in both of his seasons as a Hoya.

While 2019 didn't go as planned for Chris Beard and the Red Raiders, that title run built enough of a strong foundation for Tech to remain one of the best in the Big 12 for years to come. Adding a premium athlete like McClung should only make it easier to compete with the likes of Kansas and Baylor.