Pistons Letting Christian Wood Play vs the Sixers Despite Flu-Like Symptoms Was Extremely Careless

Christian Wood became the third NBA player to test positive for the coronavirus
Christian Wood became the third NBA player to test positive for the coronavirus / Christian Petersen/Getty Images

In light of the pandemic of the COVID-19 outbreak, it is paramount for everyone to take precautionary measures in order to contain the spread of the disease. When the Detroit Pistons let their power forward Christian Wood play against the Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday, they showed how irresponsible they were in a time where such behavior is unjustifiable.

Recently, news broke that Christian Wood became the third NBA player that tested positive for the coronavirus. Before Detroit's contest with the Philadelphia 76ers, the Pistons gave Wood the okay to compete despite having flu-like symptoms. Now that it is known Wood has the coronavirus, this decision may have exposed many others to the disease.

Prior to the suspension of the NBA, teams and players were being extremely cautious. They avoided contact with fans and the media as much as possible. The Golden State Warriors were even planning on playing some games at the Chase Center with no fans in attendance before the league-wide suspension.

Still, though, concern has continued to grow among teams and players.

However, the Detroit Pistons were inexcusably careless. In the dawn of a contagious disease that is spreading across the globe, sports teams that perform in front of thousands of fans should be extremely careful not to expose other players, coaches and fans.

Anyone that had close contact with Wood at the Wells Fargo Center could have been exposed to COVID-19. Hopefully, Wood, as well as anyone affected by the deadly disease, will recover fully.