VIDEO: James Franklin Says Former PSU Star Chris Godwin Had No Choice in Giving Tom Brady Bucs' No. 12 Jersey

Before wide receiver Chris Godwin came into his own in the NFL with the Buccaneers, he was a star wide out at Penn State. Godwin donned No. 12 in college and his first three years in the league, but that had to change once new teammate Tom Brady decided to sign with the Bucs this spring. PSU head coach James Franklin thinks his former star made the right move in doing so -- in fact, it was the only move.

Godwin seems like a pretty smart guy for valuing targets from Brady during the season over his own personal affinities. Godwin knew better than to charge Brady for his famed No. 12 he made so important with the Patriots. TB12 is not just Brady’s nickname, but it is a brand that he has been building since Godwin was a literal toddler at four years old.

All told, the wideout was wise beyond his years for not putting up a fight about all this.

Godwin had built up a rapport with Tampa Bay fans. So, what is are those among the Buccaneer faithful who bought his No. 12 jersey already supposed to do? One of two things needs to happen: Either put some tape over Godwin’s name and write “Brady” in sharpie, or simply buy Godwin and Brady’s new jerseys to achiev maximum economic stimulation.