Real Story Behind 'Bad Boys' Pistons Walk-off Makes Michael Jordan Look Ridiculous for Complaining About it

Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls took down the Detroit Pistons in 1991.
Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls took down the Detroit Pistons in 1991. / VINCENT LAFORET/Getty Images

Sunday night brought two more installments of The Last Dance documentary focusing on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. One specific moment discussed Sunday had to do with when the Bulls finally took down the "Bad Boy" Detroit Pistons in the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals.

The Bulls swept the Pistons and the final moments of the series featured Pistons players walking off the floor without shaking hands. The moment went down in infamy as a Pistons walk-off that cemented the team's personality as disrespectful. However, a quote from Jordan explains why the team did not feel like shaking hands after losing the series.

Jordan's comments about the Pistons being undeserving came at a point where it was clear the Bulls were going to take the series. His words are a bit out of character for someone who was the ultimate competitor. The Pistons had knocked the Bulls out of the playoffs in each of the previous three seasons and had won two straight titles.

Not to mention, such an act was made a habit in the 80's NBA scene, with the Celtics walking off the court when the Pistons finally trounced them en route to their first championship. It's a right of passage, even if poor sportsmanship.

Jordan clearly didn't like the Pistons and had special hate for Isiah Thomas. But all they did in the walk-off was leave the floor after being swept. Jordan should be able to see the rivalry for what it was and not have made this such a big deal, especially decades after the fact.