Suns GM James Jones Drops Impressively Petty Press Release About Devin Booker All-Star Snub

Phoenix Suns James Jones release on Devin Booker
Phoenix Suns James Jones release on Devin Booker /

Think Devin Booker deserves to be a first-time All-Star this season? You're probably right.

Need to get your feelings out about it, and you hit send before really considering if this next move was worth the effort? You're probably Phoenix GM James Jones.

Upon hearing the news that Booker had been edged off the Western Conference reserves, Jones fired off a press release that could've been a tweet, that could've also just been a very brief thought.

James, James, James! He'll probably be an injury replacement. It's all good, player.

We get it. This is his guy, and his more-efficient-than-ever scoring has not been properly recognized. After all, Booker's having a vastly superior season to Domantas Sabonis on the East side, is he not?

Therein lies the rub, though. If Jones had constructed a more effective team around him, instead of just creating a middling effort, we wouldn't be in this position. The Kentucky product would've sailed onto the squad.

Karl-Anthony Towns' reaction was a bit more demonstrative.

Just team up already, guys!