Cowboys' DeMarcus Lawrence Responds to Fans' Racial Slurs After Refusing to Condemn Jerry Jones' Silence

DeMarcus Lawrence fired back at those who criticized him on Twitter
DeMarcus Lawrence fired back at those who criticized him on Twitter /

Dallas Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence, unlike defensive tackle Gerald McCoy, doesn't think that owner Jerry Jones refusing to make a public statement in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement gaining more steam is much of a problem. He claims that the NFL throwing its financial support behind these causes has a chance to do more than protesters marching in the street.

Lawrence responded to those who called him slurs and accused him of betraying the BLM cause, claiming that he would rather have people send him plans on how to cause change than engage in unproductive name-calling.

Whatever your feelings on the protests, it's never acceptable to toss out racist language over a difference of opinion -- or for any other reason.

Lawrence, who clarified his statements in a lengthy Twitter post, has stated his intentions to be an activist in this trying time, with a particular emphasis on supporting black-owned businesses.

Marching and chanting might not automatically bring about an immediate impact, but blindly throwing money at various causes isn't going to do much long-term. The best way to bring about change is to strike a middle ground between boots-on-the-ground activism and financially supporting various pro-justice organizations. Hopefully, Lawrence and Jones realize that sooner rather than later.