Tony Clark Throws Water on Owners' 2020 Season Plan Thanks to One Glaring Disagreement

MLB Union President Tony Clark
MLB Union President Tony Clark / Joel Auerbach/Getty Images

The 2020 MLB season might actually start out in earnest as soon as June, as the owners are are proposing a truncated 2020 season plan that involves 82 games, a universal DH, and 30-man rosters.

The one man who could determine the fate of this season is players union president Tony Clark, and he doesn't seem thrilled with the owners' desire to split revenue down the middle 50-50 and tie player pay based to such unpredictable financial means, as he considers it analogous to a salary cap.

Clark's strategy has some major pros and cons to it. On one hand, Clark is justifiably concerned that taking this deal could set a bad precedent for labor relations one year before the CBA expires.

On the other hand, not playing could lead to less revenue and further salary reduction requests, which is another mess in labor relations.

The fate of the entire 2020 MLB season might come down to Clark against 30 MLB owners and commissioner Rob Manfred at the negotiating table. The most MLB fans can hope for is that Clark's refusal to accept the terms of this deal is more bloviation and bargaining rather than anything concrete.