VIDEO: Conor McGregor Comically Dismisses Kamaru Usman and Khabib's 'Sniff the Jockstrap' Fighting Style

Ahead of his big comeback in UFC 246 against Donald Cerrone, Conor McGregor was still pretty brash, albeit in a much more subdued tone than in previous pre-fight press conferences. His latest barb came against the likes of Khabib Nurgomedov and Kamaru Usman, both champions in their division, as he claimed that their grapple-heavy style is comparable to "sniffing the jockstrap" of whomever they are fighting against.

That is certainly one way to phrase it, Conor.

To McGregor's credit, he isn't the type of fighter to play it safe. Win or lose, he will make a concerted effort to control the tempo of the fight. Most of that starts with his skill standing up as opposed to what he can do wrestling on the mat.

McGregor has struggled with guys like Nate Diaz and Khabib that are more than comfortable taking him to the ground and grappling all night long. He could outbox Cerrone, but he'll need to work on jockstrap sniffing if he wants to get revenge against Khabib or beat Usman.