VIDEO: Tom Brady Gets Massive Ovation From Las Vegas Crowd at UFC 246

UFC 246 is taking place Saturday night in Las Vegas and the stars are out to see Connor McGregor take on Cowboy Cerrone in the octagon. The crowd is packed with big names from all over the sports and entertainment world, but only one individual received a remarkably large ovation from the crowd. Tom Brady was introduced at the arena and the crowd erupted into applause.

The video also showed Christian McCaffrey, Myles Garrett, and for some reason totally ignored Baker Mayfield. Then the camera panned to Brady and those in attendance showed their appreciation for the NFL legend.

No matter where he goes, fans show their love for TB12.

The ovation was so loud it was as if Brady had emerged from backstage unannounced. Yet, it was known he was there and many in the crowd may have just been waiting to show their appreciation.

Having all this free time is new for the quarterback, and he certainly seems to be enjoying himself, not playing deep into the playoffs for the first time since 2009.