Zion Williamson Private Lawsuit Could Force Him to Admit Under Oath if He Took Illegal Benefits to Attend Duke

Duke superstar Zion Williamson
Duke superstar Zion Williamson / Patrick Smith/Getty Images

New Orleans Pelicans superstar rookie and former Duke stud Zion Williamson might have a day in court in his future, according to a lawsuit that specifically targets the high-flying Blue Devil.

Gina Ford of Prime Sports Marketing, a former agent of his, is trying to get Williamson to say under oath if he accepted any illegal benefits while at Duke. This comes after Williamson was named in a lawsuit that accuses him of fraud and walking out of agreements with Ford after money had changed hands.

Williamson was deciding between South Carolina, Clemson, and Duke, with the mighty Blue Devils eventually winning over those two local foes.

This lawsuit has some pretty serious allegations in it, as Williamson is accused of reneging on an exclusive marketing agreement that he and his family made with Ford after she had wired $100,000 to his stepfather.

While seeking $100 million in negotiations is a bit excessive, this lawsuit might have some legs to it.

Williamson's squeaky-clean image might be tarnished just a bit if these allegations are indeed true, even if he wouldn't be in such hot water if the NCAA's amateurism statute didn't exist.